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September 23, 2007

It’s a Birthday Monkey

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Nine years ago today I welcomed my sweet baby girl into this world. She came into this world a tiny, pink, hungry, hairless thing. She was tiny compared to her brother. A full 2 lbs. 6 oz smaller. I was scared to hold her because she was so little. Her fingers were long. Her lips were red.

Today she is a ball of raw energy. You could power a city off of her. Equally, I have never seen another human being fall asleep so fast. She’ll fall asleep in the middle of a conversation in the car. A nap from school to home will refresh her for a bit. Her reading and writing are improving dramatically. She’s funny. She’s loving. She’s considerate. She’s a beauty. Her sunny outlook makes me smile no matter what. She still loves simply. She’s an athlete. She loves to run. Game followed by practice? No problem.

My baby is budding into a young girl. It will be too soon before she’s no longer a girl. I tell her I’d keep her little forever if I could.

Nick immediately nicknamed the kids when he came into our house. Elle is ever-affectionately known as Monkey. Anything we see with a monkey on it gets added to her collection. Monkey pajamas, shirts, backpacks, puppets, stuffed monkeys…you name it. And the name describes her exactly. Energetic, climbing, silly, loud.

Happy Birthday My Little Monkey Love!


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