Interstellar Adventures

September 24, 2007

Put it back! Put it all back!

Filed under: It's Me, Lass — by InterstellarLass @ 6:07 pm

Oh this is horrible. Terrible. No good. Very bad. You had me. I was your whore. We . were close. Bonded. But now…

I know I’ve been neglectful lately. Hadn’t come to see you as often as I should. Perhaps you thought I’d strayed. Nay. You’d think absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not this time.

Why are you changing? Rearranging? Becoming Amazing? Hardly. Maybe a-maze-ing. I was happy with you the way you were. But now? Your shelves are strangely foreign. My shortcut to the condiment section? Cut off. I used to be able to zip through, grabbing items off shelves without even looking. Now I’m afraid. Your aisles are half-barren. Rearranged. Your signs have changed. It’s all so strange and confusing to my simple mind.

Tonight, I felt all swoony as I stood, staring at my bascart, confused as to which way to turn. What was I looking for now? My internal compass went all wonky. What was this strange place? Where were the familiar comforts? Maybe it was all just a bad dream. But I fear that this change is here to stay. If I had my say…

Please, Kroger. Put it back. Put it all back. End this renovation madness!

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