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October 31, 2007

Happy Haunting

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Tonight the kids will go with their dad for trick-or-treating. Actually, they’ll probably go to a ‘Fall Festival’ somewhere. We haven’t done door-to-door trick-or-treating in about 5 years. We found that a lot of houses weren’t participating anymore, or they were out at festivals with their own kids. We were having to walk three or four houses before we found one with lights on. They actually get more candy at the festivals (not that I’m eating any…I promised MommaK/Kimberly over at Petroville…and I’m sticking to it!) and also get to play games. Zed’s a little old for the games, and I think this is the last year he’s decided to dress up. Elle still, of course, is all about the fun. So, it’s just me and Nick tonight to fend off the ghosts and goblins. I actually won’t be handing out any candy. Because I don’t get many trick-or-treaters either.

I was never that big on Halloween. The whole pressure of coming up with a costume was too much for me. I’ve only ever had a couple of good costumes. One year I dressed up as the Crocodile Hunter, and another year I was Anna Nicole Smith. And now they’re dead. What kind of coincidence is that? Also, pumpkins gross me out. The goo on the inside and the smell make me queasy. And yet I like the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Strange. Then, there’s the whole door-to-door thing. That’s just awkward. “Hey people I don’t know, give me candy.” And the inevitable disappointment of someone that hands out pencils or bags of chips. The fall festivals I think are more safe, and with the games it makes it more enjoyable than walking down the street with empty houses, listening to the kids complain about the lack of candy, their costumes, or their feet hurting. When there are bounce houses to distract, they don’t notice their feet hurt.

What’s your take on the Fall Festival vs. Trick-or-Treating phenomena that seems to have taken over?

October 29, 2007

What The Hell

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So, I’m feeling pretty good about the Packers win over Denver. Mr. Favre and his awesome long-bomb arm helped me eke out my first pick ’em win of the season. I big puffy heart love you Brett. You and your arm are H.O.T.

When did I start to get into football? I mean, back in the day (you know, the High School Days) I wouldn’t be caught dead at a football game. I think between Freshman and Senior years I only went to two (2) games. And those attendances must have been under some kind of duress.

I used to have no interest in spending my Sundays and Monday night (and sometimes Thursday and Saturday) watching grown men flip a pig skin up and down the gridiron. I mean, the tight pants were nice and all, but I needed more than a nice ass to reel me in.

Then came fantasy football. Then came the pick ’em league. I haven’t played FF the last two seasons. But I’ve stayed with my pick ’em league. I was second place two years in a row. I don’t remember where I landed last year, but it was pretty high. This year, I’m ranked #17. Even with my major win this week. Hopefully my mojo has kicked in mid-season and I’ll pull out a Favre-esque comeback.

So, every Sunday, I’m sitting and yelling at the TV, the referees, the coaches, the players, the commentators, and about anyone having anything to do with the NFL. I actually have to leave the room before some major plays because I can’t stand the anxiety. It’s worse than watching a horror flick. I actually cover my eyes and peek between my fingers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know I like it.

I still won’t go to a Cowboys game though – Jerry Jones is the antichrist. And I don’t root for one team. I root for the team that I think will win. Because it’s all about the $40 weekly pot. I’ve even had to root against Nick’s Chiefs. And I’m really sick of Tom Brady and the Pats winning. This weekend I will be in the Colts corner. That is if I live through the hype…

It’s Quiet, But a Little Lonely

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On Saturday, Nick flew Pop to El Paso, where Pop’s friend Duke and his daughter Judy picked Pop up for a three-week visit to Las Cruces. On Sunday morning, Nick woke up and the first words out of his mouth were “I miss my dad.”

Pop’s room is dark, we don’t hear the familiar squeaking of his shoes on the kitchen floor (we suspect he’s secretly playing basketball in there when we’re not looking), and no 5 am door bell ringing when he goes out to check the paper. And I actually had to check my own mail on Saturday.

This morning, after the kids were off to school, I didn’t hear the clinking of his spoon on the cereal bowl. And I didn’t have to walk into his room and blow him a kiss good-bye for the day.

He’s only been with us five months, but now that he’s gone, I just realized how he has become a part of our family and our household. It’s not just that he’s staying with us or visiting long term. We’re no longer a family of four. We’re a  family of five.

The break is welcome, and with us trying to get the final house tasks done, it will be easier. But these three weeks will go by fast, and when he gets home, our family will be complete again.

October 25, 2007

SciFi Expo, With Nerdy Goodness

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Finally! Issues resolved. So, without further ado, I share with you the Full Frontal Nerdity of my weekend. Nick and I went to hang out with our nerd friends, including my sister and her boyfriend. 


Stars of the show included the Dark Lord, complete with breathing apparatus, David Prowse, and Kenny Baker. Kenny is the man I wanted to see. My favorite little droid in the whole wide universe, R2-D2. And he admonished me. And rightly so. In my excitement, I accidently touched one of the photos for signature before I decided that was the one I wanted. “Don’t touch the photos! You’ll put fingerprints on them.” So I decided the one that had my fingerprint was the one I needed to take. A thousand pardons!

We walked around the expo, ogling toys Nick had from childhood, but that his mother, in a fit of religion (Pat Robertson said they were SATANIC!) made him sell to his cousin for $50. This included the orginal GI Joes with beards, Mego Superheroes, and just about every Star Wars toy that had come out until 1980, including the X-wing figher, the Millenium Falcon, and the Death Star. There were a lot of comic book vendors, boot-leg TV movie dealers and fake autograph hawkers. Oh and NERDS. There were lots and lots of nerds. 🙂 It rocked.

Now, to round out my basic set of signatures, I need Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford. Mark Hamill doesn’t do many appearances, and Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford likely wouldn’t be caught dead at a Con, so when I get really hungry for those, I’ll have to turn stalker on them. Maybe if I mailed them photos…

October 24, 2007

Nevermind, Dammit

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I had full intentions of sharing this weekend’s superfun nerd pictures with you, but I’m having difficulty uploading. So you will just have to wait to see pictures of me with Kenny Baker, David Prowse, Darth Vader, Dark Helmet and a few miscellaneous others.

Instead I will regale you with tales of how I sat my butt on metal bleachers for 3 hours on Monday. Two of those hours were spent freezing and watching Zed play football. It was quite exciting because they were in the ‘premier’ matchup in the ‘big stadium’ at the football complex. His team lost 20-12, but it was a fairly good game…couple of interceptions, a failed on-side kick attempt, and some dubious ‘kick-offs’. Inexplicably, it took 45 minutes to play the first half – which consists of two 8-minute quarters. They stopped the clock on every darn play! I don’t think the clock-runner knew what they were doing. Either that or they wanted more play time with the jumbo-tron fan cam.

The next hour on the bleachers was at Zed’s basketball practice – directly after the football game. Despite ample padding, my tushie was quite uncomfortable at the end of the evening. And my tummy was rumbly. Zed and I didn’t eat dinner until 9:30! But that’s how Monday’s have been the past month. I did feed him a couple of Quaker bars between football and basketball though. He’s a growing boy!

Also, there has been HIGH DRAMA in the world of pre-select soccer. Elle’s soccer club has recently undergone a great schism, and my email inbox is full to prove it. Lordy people! I have never seen a group of more immature, snipey, panty-twisted adults. It’s a game about a ball in the grass. Granted we’re hoping to get a scholarship to a smaller college out of this for Elle, but still! End of it all is after our last game this weekend, Elle’s soccer coaches are moving on, and we’re following. We really had no tie to the club other than through the coaches that she’s been playing with, and after listening to obvious BS come out of the club owner’s mouth at the parent meeting, I decided I didn’t want my kid playing with people like that. Seriously. I wonder where some people get their ethics and why they think they won’t get caught in their lie.

So, if listening to me bellyache about my kids’ sports, which I knowingly put them into, isn’t your cup of tea…hold out for the photos. I promise, they’ll be here soon…

October 18, 2007

A New Spin on Date Night

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I’ve got two men at home that love to take me out. Yesterday Nick called me at work yesterday and slightly painfully asked if we had any plans for the evening. Suspicious, I said “No, Why?” “Dad wants to go to Penney’s to buy new underwear.” Oh. Well, we can do that. Last Wednesday we gave up our ‘free’ night to take him to Target and Walgreens to look for some reading glasses that have a little more magnification. I could tell that Nick didn’t want to give up our night this week either, but Pop needed skivvies.

So, we went to dinner, then to Penney’s. Nick procured a wheelchair for Pop, courtesy of the lovely service desk lady, and at the cost of his driver’s license. And we proceeded to shop. Nick was pushing Pop, and we were mostly staying on the main aisle, with me wandering in between the clothing racks and stands. Because there just wasn’t a lot of room to maneuver the wheelchair. It’s been at least 5 or 6 years since I shopped with a stroller, and longer since I shopped with a full-size stroller. (Ah, the day when we could move to the umbrella stroller! What bliss that was!)


October 17, 2007

The Kinkster

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 I let Nick out of the house last night on a special dispensation, and look at the riff raff* he goes to hang out with. Last kitchen pass I give him for a while… 😉

*Just for those of you that live outside of Texas, this is Kinky Friedman, Texas Jewboy and former (and future) candidate for the governorship of the great Republic of Texas. Nick went and had a stogie with him, bought his book and had it signed. Our Kinky Library is now complete.

October 16, 2007


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Yesterday we experienced a deluge. Our streets were flooded. The creek that runs near my house and directly behind both kids’ school was overflowing onto the street just down from Elle’s school. In the three years I’ve lived in my ‘hood, I’ve never seen the creek flowing out onto the street. It was insane.

As a result of the rain, Zed’s football game was rained out. It wasn’t actually raining at gametime, but the fields are in a low area, and were thus still drenched. So I cooked dinner instead of rushing to pick up some fast food or restaurant dinner. I made grilled chicken panini’s, with fresh pesto (made by me), salad, and pita chips. Mostly good for you I think.


I was listening to the radio the other day, and I heard this song. I thought it was such a romantic song and a really sweet tribute to his girl.


Zed made a request for sausage tonight. Not exactly low in fat. But he had some at the state fair this last weekend and raved over it. And it’s a good thing I sent Nick off to hang out with Kinky Friedman this evening. Because it’s pecan wood smoked sausage, and I don’t think he wants to try the sausage. Because of his nut allergy. If someone is allergic to nuts, is smoking meat in wood from a nut tree going to transmit the allergin? I don’t think so, but he doesn’t want to seem to risk it.

October 12, 2007

Here We Go Again

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I’ve done this before. Sadly, I’m having to repeat myself. I started off well tonight.

See, I’m once again sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m irritable, irrational, irascible, ireful, and otherwise ill-natured. I’m tired of the house, the kids, the husband, and just about everything else, including myself. None of my clothes fit, I feel crummy in my own skin, I’m making faces at myself in the mirror because I can’t stand the sight of me.

So today, I committed to a seasonal challenge. Eat no candy. None of the Halloween junk, nothing brought in by friendly colleagues. Double Bubble doesn’t count, right? Miss MommaK of Petroville fame, and toga-party-hotness has challenged several of us to keep our mouths shut in relation to ingesting chocolatey goodness.

The No Candy Promise 2007

So, tonight I went one teeny step further. Several of my fellow soccer moms have decided to make good use of our ‘down time’ during the time our daughters are passing, dribbling, crossing and punting. so we walked about five long loops around the soccer fields. At a fast pace. Got my heart rate up for over 45 minutes. Yay me.

I’ve been way too lazy, and my ass spread shows it. I wasn’t exactly perky and trim before, but I wasn’t as flabby and soft as I am now. I have a couple of cute skirts and dresses I haven’t been able to wear in over a year. Next spring I’m fitting in them.

Ready, Set, GO!

October 8, 2007

Just Annoying

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My Ex is pushing all my buttons lately. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if it’s just his typical narcissistic, irritating attitude that’s getting my goat. And besides politely biting his head off requesting that he change said behaviors, there’s not a lot I can do. Besides run him over with the car.

A couple of weeks ago, he couldn’t be bothered to help Elle with her homework because he was busy with the crossword. Elle told me this after I was checking her homework on Thursday night, and there were no parent corrections to her Wednesday night worksheet. Bite tongue. Nothing like an apathetic parent to help a child already struggling in school.

Last week she informed me that she wasn’t to pack clothes from home, but rather wear ‘cute outfits’ to school provided by her dad. That I then have to wash for her because now the clothes are at my house. She was informed by her father and his child bride fiancee that she dressed in ‘rags’ and that she looked horrible. A) She cries when forced to wear anything she deems ‘uncomfortable’. B) She’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of kid. C) She is tough on most of her clothes through rough play or messy eating. D) She’ll grow out of this when she’s ready, so don’t force her to dress a certain way other than fully clothed. E) She bathes nightly and brushes her teeth and hair. It’s not like she’s covered in dirt. Rage building.

This weekend, she had a late soccer game. I dropped both kids off (late in fact, but that didn’t matter because it took three long, loud bangs on the door to get The Ex’s butt out of bed) on Saturday. Game at 1. Have her there by 12:30 please. What really happened: She arrived at 5 minutes till game time, no contacts in, no allergy pill given. So she’s not warmed up, playing half blind, and is sneezing regularly through the game. But he had his Starbucks. Screaming on the inside.

And last night was the cherry on top. After weeks of him dropping the kids off at 8:00 pm, unfed, just before bedtime, I asked him to please feed them before bringing them home, especially since Elle’s bedtime is 8:30. She was getting to bed too late and having trouble waking up in the morning. What really happened? Elle walks through the door last night and informs me she hasn’t had dinner. I step outside and, in a controlled, calm voice, ask “Um, why hasn’t she eaten?” I’m informed that they ate a really big lunch at 2:30 and an hour ago she supposedly wasn’t hungry. My brain exploded. I was so angry I couldn’t even think. Elle ended up going to bed around 10:30. Because my plan involved her being fed as requested, Nick putting her to bed, and me going to the grocery store before picking Zed up from basketball timekeeping and feeding him before his 10:00 bed time.

Why is this so hard? These are basic parental responsibilities. He doesn’t have to take her to many practices or games. He has to feed them dinner four times over fourteen days. Anyone have any advice on how to remind him that these are the basics he really should be able to handle?

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