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October 2, 2007


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On Monday, Zed had his Fery First Jr. High School Career Football Game. He didn’t inform us of this, but before his VFJHSCFG, Zed was promoted to 1st string B team. Beside one muffed snap, he supposedly was pretty perfect as the center/snapper. And I missed it. I am so torn up and sad that I missed his game. I would give a million dollars to have seen that game. Because if I had a million dollars to give, I wouldn’t have to be on a business trip and missing my baby’s game.

I talked to him tonight about his game last night. He felt like he did well. AND, his coach told him today that his snaps were perfect during his VFJHSCFG. Now all he needs is to grow a few inches and gain about 20 pounds, and he’d be on the A team. Seriously. It’s his size that is keeping him back from being the ace snapper on the team. I aform PROUD. My heart is bursting with proudness and happiness.

Zed also has qualified for the Duke University TIP (Talent Identification Program). Based on his state test scores, he has qualified to be able to take the SAT in the 7th grade. If he does well, he’ll get special recognition and possibly the opportunity to take classes next summer at Duke University. I also realize he’s in 7th grade. He’s very, very smart. But the SAT? I know how I stressed about that. My junior year. That’s 4 years of learning he has to do, But he’s supposedly smart enough to do it. I haven’t decided. I think I’m going to try him on an SAT prep book and see how he reacts to it before I decide to put him through that pressure.

 On the other hand, Elle is doing OK in school academically, but she’s having social issues. She’s had a couple of outbursts lately, probably due to stress I think. Last year she had issues with girls that were growing up before she even had the concept of growing up. Plus she’s also going through some possible hormonal/emotional issues. She also had a lot of anxiety before the school year started. See, our school district doesn’t give ‘grades’ until 3rd grade. They get pass/fail and meeting testing thresholds from Kindergarden to 2nd grade. Now she’s freaked out about failing. See, where Zach is smart and ‘gets’ it the first time through, Elle doesn’t. She’s a little slower. She doesn’t do well in group learning sessions. She does better in one-on-one learning scenarios. I think she gets anxious about how others perceive her, and she just says ‘Yes, I understand’ even if she doesn’t just so other’s won’t pay attention to her. And when she doesn’t understand, she cries.

My heart breaks for her. I’m a person that usually ‘gets’ it the first time around. So is Zed. But Elle takes longer. I think she may actually have some auditory processing issues that I plan to have her tested for this year. I KNOW that she is highly intelligent. She remembers, she figures, she assesses, she figures out all on her own. It just takes her a little longer, and maybe she needs more explanation and time that other kids.

And my heart breaks for her because I see her struggling. She’s embarassed and frustrated, and it hurts her and me. So I hope that I can work the system to get her the help that she needs. She’s continuing in speech therapy that I finally got for her at the end of last year. I’ve asked about the mentoring program that was such a big help for her last year. She really responds to one-on-one interaction. I’ve talked to the teacher about the mean little girl that is saying ugly things about Elle and telling other children not to play with my daughter. On threat of physical pain no less. Nice.

It feels bizzare to me to have one child that excels easily and to have another that has the intelligence, but still struggles. I’m frustrated and puzzled by this. But I will never give up on her.


  1. I understand. It is much easier for my son than my girls.

    Speaking of girls we are having our mean drama issues. I have been looking online to see what there is for girls growing up and learning to use their voice. Not much. Lots of articles about Mean Girls, not a lot on how to provide positive feedback. Ya know?

    Hang in there!

    Comment by nancy — October 3, 2007 @ 8:12 am |Reply

  2. Positive feedback that does not come from parents. I give them good feedback. Just looking for something that is a group peer to peer thing.

    Comment by nancy — October 3, 2007 @ 8:13 am |Reply

  3. I did the SAT thing in 7th grade too. Want some unsolicited advice? Have him take it, but don’t make him study. If he does great – wonderful. If not – meh. When he’s older and he has to take a standardized test “fo reals” he’ll probably be actually more relaxed than other kids since he’s been through the same thing once “way back when he was in 7th grade.”

    And bullies? Never fun. There are even bullies at my office – the worst are the women. I think the best policy is to just not engage with them. When they say something hurtful, tell Elle to stop, look them dead in the eyes and think (don’t say out loud) “Are you freakin’ Serious? Loser.” And then just walk away. It works wonders.

    Comment by Cara — October 3, 2007 @ 9:13 am |Reply

  4. I’m so sorry you missed Zed’s first game. But it’s great he did so well and that he can now eat whatever so he can gain some weight. Send him my way, I’ll teach him!!!

    I wasn’t such a good student in school. I wanted to goof around and therefore I could have certainly done better. I don’t know if I was bored or had ADD or what. These struggles will make her a stronger adult. It’s got to be tough from your angle though.

    Comment by carnealian — October 3, 2007 @ 4:52 pm |Reply

  5. That is so hard on kids. Plus I hate these mean girls at such a young age. Who are these girls, why are they so mean? I don’t understand and I find it sad.

    Comment by Jolynn — October 4, 2007 @ 9:10 am |Reply

  6. I’m baaaaaaaack!! hope ya remember me. I just decided to start back up today. check me out if you wanna.

    Comment by UziCue — October 6, 2007 @ 4:59 pm |Reply

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