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October 16, 2007


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Yesterday we experienced a deluge. Our streets were flooded. The creek that runs near my house and directly behind both kids’ school was overflowing onto the street just down from Elle’s school. In the three years I’ve lived in my ‘hood, I’ve never seen the creek flowing out onto the street. It was insane.

As a result of the rain, Zed’s football game was rained out. It wasn’t actually raining at gametime, but the fields are in a low area, and were thus still drenched. So I cooked dinner instead of rushing to pick up some fast food or restaurant dinner. I made grilled chicken panini’s, with fresh pesto (made by me), salad, and pita chips. Mostly good for you I think.


I was listening to the radio the other day, and I heard this song. I thought it was such a romantic song and a really sweet tribute to his girl.


Zed made a request for sausage tonight. Not exactly low in fat. But he had some at the state fair this last weekend and raved over it. And it’s a good thing I sent Nick off to hang out with Kinky Friedman this evening. Because it’s pecan wood smoked sausage, and I don’t think he wants to try the sausage. Because of his nut allergy. If someone is allergic to nuts, is smoking meat in wood from a nut tree going to transmit the allergin? I don’t think so, but he doesn’t want to seem to risk it.

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