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October 24, 2007

Nevermind, Dammit

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I had full intentions of sharing this weekend’s superfun nerd pictures with you, but I’m having difficulty uploading. So you will just have to wait to see pictures of me with Kenny Baker, David Prowse, Darth Vader, Dark Helmet and a few miscellaneous others.

Instead I will regale you with tales of how I sat my butt on metal bleachers for 3 hours on Monday. Two of those hours were spent freezing and watching Zed play football. It was quite exciting because they were in the ‘premier’ matchup in the ‘big stadium’ at the football complex. His team lost 20-12, but it was a fairly good game…couple of interceptions, a failed on-side kick attempt, and some dubious ‘kick-offs’. Inexplicably, it took 45 minutes to play the first half – which consists of two 8-minute quarters. They stopped the clock on every darn play! I don’t think the clock-runner knew what they were doing. Either that or they wanted more play time with the jumbo-tron fan cam.

The next hour on the bleachers was at Zed’s basketball practice – directly after the football game. Despite ample padding, my tushie was quite uncomfortable at the end of the evening. And my tummy was rumbly. Zed and I didn’t eat dinner until 9:30! But that’s how Monday’s have been the past month. I did feed him a couple of Quaker bars between football and basketball though. He’s a growing boy!

Also, there has been HIGH DRAMA in the world of pre-select soccer. Elle’s soccer club has recently undergone a great schism, and my email inbox is full to prove it. Lordy people! I have never seen a group of more immature, snipey, panty-twisted adults. It’s a game about a ball in the grass. Granted we’re hoping to get a scholarship to a smaller college out of this for Elle, but still! End of it all is after our last game this weekend, Elle’s soccer coaches are moving on, and we’re following. We really had no tie to the club other than through the coaches that she’s been playing with, and after listening to obvious BS come out of the club owner’s mouth at the parent meeting, I decided I didn’t want my kid playing with people like that. Seriously. I wonder where some people get their ethics and why they think they won’t get caught in their lie.

So, if listening to me bellyache about my kids’ sports, which I knowingly put them into, isn’t your cup of tea…hold out for the photos. I promise, they’ll be here soon…

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