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October 29, 2007

What The Hell

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So, I’m feeling pretty good about the Packers win over Denver. Mr. Favre and his awesome long-bomb arm helped me eke out my first pick ’em win of the season. I big puffy heart love you Brett. You and your arm are H.O.T.

When did I start to get into football? I mean, back in the day (you know, the High School Days) I wouldn’t be caught dead at a football game. I think between Freshman and Senior years I only went to two (2) games. And those attendances must have been under some kind of duress.

I used to have no interest in spending my Sundays and Monday night (and sometimes Thursday and Saturday) watching grown men flip a pig skin up and down the gridiron. I mean, the tight pants were nice and all, but I needed more than a nice ass to reel me in.

Then came fantasy football. Then came the pick ’em league. I haven’t played FF the last two seasons. But I’ve stayed with my pick ’em league. I was second place two years in a row. I don’t remember where I landed last year, but it was pretty high. This year, I’m ranked #17. Even with my major win this week. Hopefully my mojo has kicked in mid-season and I’ll pull out a Favre-esque comeback.

So, every Sunday, I’m sitting and yelling at the TV, the referees, the coaches, the players, the commentators, and about anyone having anything to do with the NFL. I actually have to leave the room before some major plays because I can’t stand the anxiety. It’s worse than watching a horror flick. I actually cover my eyes and peek between my fingers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know I like it.

I still won’t go to a Cowboys game though – Jerry Jones is the antichrist. And I don’t root for one team. I root for the team that I think will win. Because it’s all about the $40 weekly pot. I’ve even had to root against Nick’s Chiefs. And I’m really sick of Tom Brady and the Pats winning. This weekend I will be in the Colts corner. That is if I live through the hype…

It’s Quiet, But a Little Lonely

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On Saturday, Nick flew Pop to El Paso, where Pop’s friend Duke and his daughter Judy picked Pop up for a three-week visit to Las Cruces. On Sunday morning, Nick woke up and the first words out of his mouth were “I miss my dad.”

Pop’s room is dark, we don’t hear the familiar squeaking of his shoes on the kitchen floor (we suspect he’s secretly playing basketball in there when we’re not looking), and no 5 am door bell ringing when he goes out to check the paper. And I actually had to check my own mail on Saturday.

This morning, after the kids were off to school, I didn’t hear the clinking of his spoon on the cereal bowl. And I didn’t have to walk into his room and blow him a kiss good-bye for the day.

He’s only been with us five months, but now that he’s gone, I just realized how he has become a part of our family and our household. It’s not just that he’s staying with us or visiting long term. We’re no longer a family of four. We’re a  family of five.

The break is welcome, and with us trying to get the final house tasks done, it will be easier. But these three weeks will go by fast, and when he gets home, our family will be complete again.

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