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October 29, 2007

What The Hell

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So, I’m feeling pretty good about the Packers win over Denver. Mr. Favre and his awesome long-bomb arm helped me eke out my first pick ’em win of the season. I big puffy heart love you Brett. You and your arm are H.O.T.

When did I start to get into football? I mean, back in the day (you know, the High School Days) I wouldn’t be caught dead at a football game. I think between Freshman and Senior years I only went to two (2) games. And those attendances must have been under some kind of duress.

I used to have no interest in spending my Sundays and Monday night (and sometimes Thursday and Saturday) watching grown men flip a pig skin up and down the gridiron. I mean, the tight pants were nice and all, but I needed more than a nice ass to reel me in.

Then came fantasy football. Then came the pick ’em league. I haven’t played FF the last two seasons. But I’ve stayed with my pick ’em league. I was second place two years in a row. I don’t remember where I landed last year, but it was pretty high. This year, I’m ranked #17. Even with my major win this week. Hopefully my mojo has kicked in mid-season and I’ll pull out a Favre-esque comeback.

So, every Sunday, I’m sitting and yelling at the TV, the referees, the coaches, the players, the commentators, and about anyone having anything to do with the NFL. I actually have to leave the room before some major plays because I can’t stand the anxiety. It’s worse than watching a horror flick. I actually cover my eyes and peek between my fingers. I don’t know where this came from, but I know I like it.

I still won’t go to a Cowboys game though – Jerry Jones is the antichrist. And I don’t root for one team. I root for the team that I think will win. Because it’s all about the $40 weekly pot. I’ve even had to root against Nick’s Chiefs. And I’m really sick of Tom Brady and the Pats winning. This weekend I will be in the Colts corner. That is if I live through the hype…


  1. Football = Greek to me.

    Comment by Kristin — October 30, 2007 @ 11:19 am |Reply

  2. I won my FF game this weekend, even with Greg Jennings and his 21 points on the bench. Gotta love Reggie Wayne

    Comment by Sparky Duck — October 31, 2007 @ 10:45 pm |Reply

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