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November 5, 2007

Going for Principle, Bordering on Cheap

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With all the work being done on the house, I’ve had to pay extra attention to budget. For a while there, I was doing really well with all my coupon-ing activities. But then, with all the change, I slacked off, and every single one of the coupons in my coupon folder expired. And I hadn’t replenished in a while. I even let a whole gaggle of coupons go to waste from my near and dear grocery retailer, Then I got another mailer, and lo, there were more coupons! The last two weeks of coupons in the paper were rather weak, but this week there were FOUR coupon inserts. Most likely in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. So, I dutifully cut my coupons, sorted them into the expandable folder-holder, and Elle and I set off for the store.

I didn’t actually need that many things, because last week I bought a lot of meat that was on sale. A few vegetables, cans of beans, rice, and ingredients for desserts for the workplace bake-off, and I was ready to check out.

Elle, as my little helper, has the responsibility of putting all the groceries on the conveyor belt. I prepare my coupons, get out my store card and check card. For some reason, I wasn’t really paying attention as she scanned all my coupons, and as I was walking out the door, checking the receipt, I noticed that I had given her 5 coupons, but only 4 had been scanned. Whoa nellie!

Debating with myself for a moment, I knew that I had two 50-cent coupons, one 25-cent coupon, and one 20-cent coupon, plus the big $6 off/$60 in groceries purchased coupon. I was missing a 50-cent coupon scan. With the bonus coupon, that was a whole $1. Did I really want to go back over a dollar? It’s not that big of a deal. A dollar. But then I decided, hell, if I spent all the time cutting and sorting, and then to have the fruits of my labors diminished by a careless checkout clerk, I was due my dollar.

What I didn’t realize was that this would involve a manager opening the coupon depository at the register, sorting through to find my missed coupon, and then going to guest services to get my refund. And then I realized how cheap I looked.

I’m really trying to convince myself that this was a good lesson for Elle. Get what you pay for. If you’re due a discount, don’t let their carelessness cost you more. I mean, a dollar here and there today adds up eventually. It’s the principle I tell you! Next time it might be $10!

But I still look damn cheap, don’t I?

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