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December 7, 2007

Friday, With Feeling

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Phew. I was in training for two days this week. That was fun. Sort of. The hotel was in a rather skanky part of town, which made me a little suspect about the training itself, but I was pleasantly surprised and it wasn’t that bad. Plus I got a free book and a professional membership. Well, it was included with the class I should say. Which my company paid for.

Christmas is just a little more than three weeks away. And it’s 78F outside right now. There is something wrong with this picture. I also have no tree up, no lights up, and no shopping done. Again, I slack until the last possible Christmas minute. So this weekend will be a tree-trimming, house-lighting weekend. I don’t know when I’m going to go shopping. Budget is an issue this year, and fortunately we ‘drew names’ for the adults in the family. So that will make it a bit easier, but will slightly diminish the holiday feeling for me.

I’ll probably end up hosting Christmas again this year. Which Nick doesn’t like. I host everything. It’s just logistically easier for me to do. Last year we compromised, and we had the morning to ourselves and did a Christmas dinner with the family. Hopefully that will suffice again this year. Poor Nick. He puts up with so much. I love him to pieces.

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