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January 12, 2008

If this is

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If this is what the year has in store for me, I’m in trouble. I took off the weeks of Christmas and New Years, and so Monday was my first day back. The last five days have felt like a month. Why I’m not consuming mass quantities of alcohol right now, I don’t know. I should be.

Elle got her palate expander on Thursday. It looks like this. The key turns the wheel rod and pushes the plates outward. I have to turn the rod once a day. Check out this creepy video that shows what it does! And it hurts her every time I turn the rod. Which if I don’t turn completely, will get stuck and we’ll have to go to the ortho to get it unstuck.

My poor baby cried when they put it in. She has a sensitive gag reflex and between the choking, and the crying and the tightness of the expander, she was quite upset once it was done. Since she’s on soft foods, she ate mac’n’cheese for dinner. But the macaroni noodles kept getting caught between her palate and the expander. And she broke down crying, asking me to take it out. She’s also having great difficultly talking and being understood, which is frustrating, and she also gets excessive buildup of saliva due to this device, so she’s slurping and drooling. Supposedly she’ll get used to it. I hope so. It’s going to help her tremendously in the future, and that’s what I keep telling her.

This weekend I get to (unexpectedly) go help my grandparents pack to move. My grandmother’s heart condition has gotten worse, and under doctor’s orders she and my grandfather have to move out of their 2-story condo. They bought a single story house, and rather than moving at the end of the month, the guy who owns their condo (that they’ve lived in for 17 years) gave them til the 16th to move out. A couple of 70-somethings, one with a bad heart, and one with diabetes, and they have less than two weeks to pack and move. Not what I wanted to do with my weekend.

And to top it off, the fantastic dinner I had planned tonight went all to hell. The crab cakes burned, the salmon didn’t cook right, the glazed parsnips caramelized to the pan, and my spinach cheese puff wouldn’t set.

Time for me to take a deep breath and hope that next week brings brighter news and events.

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