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January 18, 2008


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Perhaps a polite term to define a person who is appealingly odd or otherwise not ordinary. “She’s strange, in that cute, quirky way.” Tagged by Just Cara I was, to describe seven habits/quirks/facts about myself. I’m also supposed to tag seven to do the same, but since I’m not sure seven people even still read here anymore, I think not do it. Of course, that’s ‘against the rules’ but then…

1. I’m a rebel. I can’t stand to be told what to do. I’ve bitten off my nose to spite my face so many damn times just because I was driven to do the exact opposite of what someone wanted me to do. I don’t do it so much anymore, but when I was a kid, whew! Now I have the rebel thoughts, but usually do whatever it was, though sometimes with procrastination.

2. I feel tremendous guilt. Probably part of the dysfunction of my family and a trait seemingly passed down from my mother. I can be mad at someone, rightfully, because of something they said or did that hurt me, but I’ll feel guilty for being mad at them. Or I’ll feel bad for being stupid as in fact #1 above.

3. I don’t like confrontation. I’ll crumple like a wet paper bag if you confront me about something. I mean, eventually, after I’ve stomped and been defensive and am about to be proven wrong.

4. I’m handy. Like I told a friend today, I can change a flat tire in less than 15 minutes, I installed a bug guard on The Ex’s truck (because he spent an hour and a half fiddling with it before admitting defeat), and I can use power tools.

5. I think I’m a pretty darn good mom. Despite my mistakes. I think I missed out on many good years between mid-2000 and early 2005. So much turmoil was happening in my life, and I was so depressed and doing my best to hold together the strings of sanity I had left. I didn’t do enough of playing with, paying attention to, reading to, holding, huging, etc. with my kids. Though I’m not perfect, I spend more quality time with my kids, talk to them, hug them, love them, encourage, and most importantly, give and enforce rules to them. I try to point out ‘life lessons’ (when I see them) to prepare them for the future.

6. I love to have my toes pulled.

7. When I was in kindergarden, my favorite color was brown. That was the only color I would use in art. Why? Because I had brown hair and brown eyes. Why else would any kid choose brown as their favorite color? Clearly crazy already.

So there you go. Hopefully new quirks about me that you didn’t know before. If I didn’t do a good job, well, see item #2.

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