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January 29, 2008

King Solo

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Zed had his Winter Concert tonight, and he had a major solo in one of the pieces. Alright, so I exaggerate. A little. OK, a lot. But he did have a solo.

Thankfully we didn’t have to listen to the Beginner band. That torture was enforced last year when Zed was in Beginner band. I think they take pity on us and don’t require us to listen except at the Spring Concert. It was the ‘Performing bands’ tonight. Concert I, Concert II and Symphonic. I think the word ‘performing’ should be used a little less loosely for some of these kids. *cough* Concert I *cough*. They tried. I know.

Concert II and Symphonic bands were much better. The band directors are a hoot. The Symphonic director looks like George Carlin and takes band directing very seriously. The Concert I/II director is younger, nerdier, and related an awkward story about one of the pieces and a Simpson’s episode.

Zed’s solo came in a piece called “A Day In Space”. A flute lead in, Zed’s clarinet solo, followed by a trumpet, low horns, then the whole band. I couldn’t have been more proud. I’m sure I grinned stupidly the entire time, based on the weird look Nick gave me. At the end of the piece, all the soloists were recognized, and when Zed stood up, he grinned nervously. Poor kid hates attention.

I tried not to take too many pictures or clap too loudly. He is 12 now. Close to 13. Can’t embarass him. But I am so proud!

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