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February 29, 2008

Photo Crazy

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Breaking through the cobwebs here with a post of photos I’ve taken here and there lately. Or not so lately (is Christmas still ‘lately’?). I’ve been super busy with work. I’m not sure where the last two months have gone. This is the best job, best project team, best position, and best professional growth opportunity I’ve had in the last 3.5 years. We also have two weeks to get our house listed. We’re t.h.i.s. close to being done. The outside is being painted this week. Then it’s all onesy-twosy little things that irritate.

So here are some photos to entertain in lieu of interesting content.

My mom and her sister. They look nothing alike, right?

One night, Zed started a puzzle, out of boredom. He asked for my help. And we had so much fun doing the puzzle together, we decided to get another one. So a couple of nights a week, we spend a few hours talking, puzzling, laughing, and just spending good quality time together. The Garfield was our first. The pastoral scene is still in progress. It’s much harder.


When Nick and I took the cabinet from our bathroom, we found more velvet wall paper. This time it was green roses. I managed to tear it off the wall and keep it all in one piece. Pop thought it was ‘nice’, so I think I’m going to try to frame it for him. I can’t imagine an entire bathroom in green velvel wallpaper. There was very similar yellow velvet wallpaper in the guest bath. This house must have been the ultimate in 70’s hotness at one time.


And, finally, Zed at his Winter Concert last month. He was First Chair, and he had a solo in one of the three pieces they played. YAY! I was super proud of him. Sniff, he’s growing up so fast!

February 10, 2008


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When I go to the gym, I usually try to go by myself. Sometimes I try to drag Nick, but usually that’s more trouble than it’s worth. I think I’ve wasted a few hundred dollars on gym fees for him, but I hope one day…

Zed will go with me every now and then. I kind of fibbed to the gym manager that Zed was 12 when he was really 11.5. But now he really is 12, so it’s all good. I was glad they didn’t ask for ID. But poor Elle has to make a visit to the gym daycare, at $2 per visit. She always wants to work out with me, but sadly it’s against the rules. And it’s not like she couldn’t do it. Every day she reports to me “I ran 35 laps in the gym today without stopping during after-school.” Next week she’s shooting for 50 laps without stopping. I have no clue how far it is around the gym, but I imagine than many laps is a fair distance.

When I saw the gym advertising the special Valentine’s couple’s yoga, and that the ‘couple’ could be husband/wife, friends, parents/children*, AND that *children must be at least 9, I knew who I wanted to take with me.

So Friday night, Elle and I went to yoga together. Everyone else in the class was husband and wife, even the instructor and her husband. But Elle didn’t get intimidated, and was really enjoying the class. We did individual poses, but also several poses that required the both of us to work together and communicate with each other. It was her first yoga class, so I had to help her with a few of the individual poses in addition to our ‘couples’ poses. The only pose we couldn’t really complete was the “Lizard Sitting On Rock”. Had I been the lizard, I would have squished my rock. We also had some difficulty with the Boat. We managed one leg, but not two. We did really well with the Tree pose, as well as a few others requiring us to balance.

The part I liked most though was at the end. The instructor came around with some hand oil, and we rubbed each other’s hands. Then we sat and looked into each others eyes as we held hands, and really reconnected. It was some of the best time she and I have spent together in a long time. I hugged her and told her thank you for coming with me. It was nice to be able to put the stress of the daily ‘find the backpack, sign the homework, get to soccer practice, feed me dinner’ grind on-hold and just enjoy each other.

February 7, 2008

The Afterglow has Faded

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Maybe I’m one of the few people that watched the entire Superbowl start to finish. Granted it wasn’t a super exciting game between the Giant’s dominating opening drive and the fourth quarter, but I stuck the whole thing out.

Yes, the commercials were lame. I did like the half-time show though. I think Tom Petty rocks. I have several of his songs on my Shuffle for running, and growing up, my Aunt Judy was a Heartbreakers fan. I also like how the Superbowl continues with their sexually suggestive imagery. Janet Jackson’s boob, Prince’s guitar solo behind the curtain, and now the arrow piercing the heart cleavage. Subtle…not.

It hit me yesterday that football is over. This is one of the first years that I’ve had that realization hit me and actually miss watching games. I guess I’ll have to fall back to my old first love…basketball. The Mavs won last night. I need to follow up on a trade plan I heard last week that kind of shocked me. But maybe it’ll be for the best.

No update yet on Zed’s SAT scores. I’d heard that we were supposed to get them in a few weeks…faster than I remember getting mine.

Elle is about to be involved in 3 soccer ‘seasons’ between 2 teams. GOAL!

I’m working my butt off and am happier work-wise than I’ve been in a long time. Viva SCRUM.

Hang in there y’all. Spring is around the corner.

February 3, 2008


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