Interstellar Adventures

September 12, 2006


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My thoughts are just swimming around my head right now. While I was writing my tribute, I didn’t know quite how to go about it. I was afraid to get too personal. I was randomly assigned a person that I didn’t know. In doing my research, I found email addresses for one of her brothers and her husband. I tried to contact both, but I didn’t hear back from them. Maybe the email addresses were defunct. Maybe they didn’t feel comfortable sharing information about Laura Lee with me, a stranger. I’ll never know.

Last night we were watching the last half of the ABC docu-drama. It was the first coverage of 9/11 that I’d watched. I haven’t seen any of the TV movies about Flight 93 or the Nick Cage movie, or anything. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel it was right. No one knows what happened on Flight 93 exactly, and I think it’s wrong to speculate. And the Nick Cage movie? Profiting off of this event seems wrong to me. And watching that last night, while simultaneously reading other tributes, brought that day back to me.


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