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December 4, 2006

Long Story Short

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This was such a busy weekend! And so many exciting things happened. Here we go!

Thursday was cold and snowy. I got sent home early and I picked the kids up early. We stayed warm and toasty inside. Nick cooked dinner for me and decorated the table an the kitchen for my birthday dinner. I got banners and streamers and everything. He made his yummy brisket tacos. Zed played his clarinet, and I got some neat presents. My favorite was a knitting-themed page-a-day calendar.

Friday night we skipped my company holiday party. Not enough people going that I actually liked or wanted to talk to. Stayed home instead, which in retrospect was a good thing.

Saturday morning Elle had her very first basketball game. It was super thrilling. For me anyway. The poor refs have to be commended on their patience. At this level they are very lenient on traveling, double dribbling, and the like. They called a couple of fouls, but they mostly spent their time herding the cats girls down the court on turnovers. Elle didn’t score – she missed two free throws – but in the end, her team was victorious. 5-2. Not bad for 6 soccer players and a new girl.

Saturday afternoon was Zed’s turn. His team didn’t turn out to be so lucky. Our one practice before our first game was cancelled because the coach was out of town. So, we showed up 30 minutes early to meet our coach and get assigned a number. We don’t even have a team name or uniforms yet. All the boys wore navy shirts and the coach taped numbers on them. It was very ghetto. But I couldn’t help but laugh. I think our coach got all the ‘leftover’ kids that no one knew. One kid on his team is shorter than Elle. We got beat 36-16. Zed scored 4 points, and he played hard. I was so proud of him.

Nick got sick over the weekend, and wasn’t in good shape to go out, so, by myself, I went out to dinner with my friends. The Melting Pot was good, but I think it was overpriced. I don’t know that I’d go back unless someone else was paying. I’ve been to much nicer restaurants for that kind of money. The best part though was Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. It was You all HAVE to come down here and we have got to go! The pianos literally sit back to back, they take requests all night, people sing and clap, and it’s VERY interactive. The sideshow for the night was the soldier that had just returned from Iraq. He was sitting right in front of me and was very drunk. At one point he actually reached back out of the blue and tried to kiss me. I stealthily avoided the attempt. I think his mom was there too. And I thought she was going to fall out of her chair she was so drunk. Then a girl came over and gave the soldier a little lap dance. I have pictures. Really. It was sad yet funny.

Sunday I went to brunch with mi famiglia. Blue Mesa brunches are the best, and I had a coupon for a free brunch. YUM. Elle and Zed looked cute. They’d spent the night with my grandparents and had gone to church with my mom. My sister Nikki also came, and we had a nice, fairly relaxed breakfast. I say fairly because my grandfather made a huge deal out of the fact that they don’t have ‘regular’ coffee. They have ‘funny’ cinnamon flavored coffee. He actually told our waiter “You guys would do five times the business if you had regular coffee.” The waiter replied “You know, I think we do a lot of business because of our coffee. Last night I had a table buy five pounds to take home.” Zed played his clarinet for me again.

We also got our Christmas tree yesterday. It’s a REAL TREE! I haven’t had a real tree since I was 16. It smells so good, and the needles are so soft. We got a Fraser Fir, which is about 7.5′ tall. I had to trim it more just to be able to get the angel on the tree. It’s in our front room which has lower ceilings than the living room. Its so pretty. I need to get icicles tonight to put on it, and then it will be done.

I also did some knitting finished a scarf, and finished most of the pieces for three bags. I need to make two straps. I also have a pair of wrist warmers and two hats to finish before Christmas. Fast fingers please.

Birthdays are fun. I think people should have them more often. I’ll post pictures and video from the weekend soon. Hope you had a great one!

August 16, 2006

Knitting Pretty

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Since I finished my last baby project, I’ve since found out two more people I know are expecting babies. My good friend M, and my boss. Both are due at around the same time in December, so if I want to not be knitting till 3 am the night before their baby shower, I decided I’d better get started.

My friend M is a dear. She was my client at an old job, and we quickly became friends. This is going to be her first baby, and she is super excited. She’s an aunt four times over, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mommy! She also went to the shower where the Anouk pinafore was the gift, so she knows what type of gift she’s getting. She’s expecting a boy, so I’ve selected a sweet little cardigan and a personalized baby blanket. I’ve got the back and two front panels of the cardigan complete. But, this yarn is fuzzy and it’s difficult to see my stitches, so before I do any more, I’m going to need help from my yarn store. So, I’ve started on the blanket for now. Basic stitches, no color joins, and I don’t have to think that hard while I do it. Perfect.

For my boss, I’ve selected a pattern I found on a bl*g. The instructions are written very well, and I think this came out so lovely. Except I chose blues and greens for my stripe pattern. I’m really crossing fingers on this one because of the color choice and the fact that I could not find the yarn specified. I found something that should knit up to gauge, but you never know!

P.S. I was really hoping for a girl for M, because I wanted to make this. That, and M has tons of hair. It’s gorgeous and thick and she has all kinds of hair toys. I was picturing a mini-M in my mind! If you know anyone with a baby girl on the way, clue me in, k? I think it’s just too sweet and too darling.

May 8, 2006

Ta Daaaa!

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Well here it is! I must say that I’m quite proud of the finished product. Toot, Toot. (That was me tooting my own horn.) There were lessons learned, of course, but it was ogled and there were ooohs and aaaahs from the other shower attendees. One of the grandmas actually wants a matching tunic. And another girl wants me to make her something. Perhaps a profit making industry is in the works…

While I was at the shower, Nick took Elle (Zed was at church camp) to our local comic book store because it was Free Comic Book Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Well, Nick did evidently. It appears I inadvertently married a comic book geek. They actually hit two stores. Elle got a couple of comics, and Nick picked up several more for Zed. Seems there are more boy-oriented comics than girl-oriented comics. Go figure. Nick actually came back home for the camera because he Elle wanted pictures with the Star Wars characters on site. Yeah. These weren’t “my mom sewed this for me” costumes. Evidently there are kits…that cost up to $1200! Geeks of the world unite!

And, lastly, is anyone else watching Big Love? I’m absolutely in LOVE with this show. I think it’s one of the best shows HBO has put out in awhile, and I love all the characters. Except Nikki. And I hate her. But I’m supposed to, so it’s OK. Last night’s episode was fantastic! Let me know if you’re watching this. There’s only 3 more episodes left in this season. If you haven’t watched it, catch up on the shows if you have OnDemand. LOVE BIG LOVE!

May 5, 2006

Not just any gift

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Gift registries are nice and all, and of course, first-time mothers certainly need a lot of things, but I’m bored with onsies and blankets and whatnot. So, when I got my invitation to a shower for one of my girlfriends, I knew that I wasn’t going to be visiting one of her registries.

I hunted online for the pattern. There are lots of sites that feature free patterns, most including pictures. One of the sites, has a lot of patterns that I’ve never tried before. Some are a little outlandish, others not what I was looking for at the time.

Until last week. After searching for some time, I ventured back to Knitty. And I found it. Anouk. I booked it tout de suite to my local yarn store, pattern in hand, and picked my materials. They didn’t have the yarn for which the pattern called, but King Tut cotton would substitute nicely.

I’ve had to go in twice for a little assistance, and I had to look up the three-needle bind-off as that’s a new technique for me. I’m currently working on the pockets. I tried the Intarsia method on the patterns, but I couldn’t get it. So, I’m going to duplicate stitch it this time.

And, I’ve got enough yarn left in the pocket colors that I’m going to make a hat and some baby Mary Janes.

Pictures will be posted! Now, if I don’t run out of time…shower is at 3 pm tomorrow!

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