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November 29, 2006

Even though it wasn’t cold

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I still had a fun time in KC. On Friday, I was sweating in my tank top and sweater. It was WARM. Saturday & Sunday I was fine in a t-shirt. By Monday it had clouded up and I was able to go about in long sleeves without perspiring.

My travel advice? Fly early the day after a major holiday. The 3:45 am wake-up call was tempered by the fact that our flight was over half empty. We were able to move to the bulkhead row and enjoy the extra leg room. The Xanax also helped me to sleep the whole flight up. Nick and I had a quiet breakfast, and then headed over to his friend Cara’s.

We just spent the weekend hanging out, seeing some sites, sleeping in a little, and just bein’ groovy. It was relaxing, and I totally didn’t want to come back home. We saw the Plaza Lights one night. Some time I’m going to be there for the actual lighting on Thanksgiving night. It was so pretty. The one thing that would have made it perfect would have been a little chilly weather to go with it.

I still need to get my photos developed. It’s supposed to be lovely and cold and wet and snowy here tomorrow. Just what I wanted for my birthday. I’m also nearing my 500th post. I’ll have to come up with something special for that as well. Stay tuned! It’s sure to be super exciting around here the next couple of days!

November 24, 2006

On Vacation

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Be back soon!  


November 12, 2006

Wimberley Weekend

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I took the day off Friday to pack and get ready for a Girl’s Weekend down in Wimberley, TX. Four of my girlfriends and I rented a house just outside of Wimberley. The house was called Lejos, which means “far away” in Spanish. The place was gorgeous! The photos on the web site didn’t do the place justice. When we pulled up we were sure that it was two houses, and we were only going to have one part. But no, the whole thing was ours!

Backing up, the drive down was nice. The traffic was’t too bad, and when we approached Austin and the traffic started getting heavy, we stopped for dinner and margaritas at Chuy’s. They have good TexMex. But, the Austin location didn’t have the shrimp taquitos I was craving, and the jalapeno ranch couldn’t quite mask the chicken taquitos for which I settled. The margaritas helped some. Hey, I wasn’t driving.

Finding our way into Wimberley in the dark, off country back roads wasn’t easy. But, after circling the wrong square, we found the property management office and our key. Like I said, the house was great. The hot tub was a bit cool on Friday night, but by Saturday night, we had it all nice and toasty. We made fires in the fire pit and fireplace, played music piped over a speaker system, drank wine, caught up on gossip, and just relaxed.

On Saturday, after shopping on the square, we went to Wimberley Glass Works. We saw a glass blowing demonstration. I’d seen glass made before on TV, but in real life it’s so much better. I plan on taking my kids back, because it was so cool. They made a swing vase. Sadly we did’t get to see the finished product. After the glass is blown, it has to cool slowly in an annealing oven so that the glass doesn’t burst. But, if anyone wants to get me this for my birthday, I’d be ever so happy. You can see videos of the glassblowing here and here.

It was nice to get away and relax, but it was even nicer to come back home and see my husband and my kids. I’ll be taking them to Wimberley soon. It’s a different pace, there was spotty cell reception (which is a good thing!) and the people were nice. Wimberley Pie Co. had the BEST buttermilk pie I’ve ever had. Here are all the pictures I took.

Update: And just to make you a little more jealous, and a little more curious, here are this weekend’s top quotes.

  • You can’t do yoga on a bike.
  • That wasn’t what I meant when I came up with that game.
  • Do you want to sit on the crack? No, I sit on a crack everyday.
  • I don’t do ugly.
  • Oh, that was my outside voice.
  • Is anything stuck to me?
  • Are you coming?
  • Where do I stick it in?
  • It ate it! It ate it!
  • I smell something burning.
  • Breaker, breaker we’re going in.
  • Can I see id please?
  • Are you legal?
  • I need something hard to twist.
  • That cop was kinda cute.
  • Save the brownies, save the world.
  • You can best see the true colors when you put it in the glory hole.
  • You’re not getting me to sleep with you.
  • You’re still not getting me to sleep with you.
  • I don’t like any thing mushy.
  • It’s hard getting my tongue to work that way.
  • I think I need to unbutton my pants.
  • It’s just too much meat.
  • Ohhhh, I just boobed you.
  • Oh, I’m so not sleeping with you.

June 27, 2006

Best Trip Ever!

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We even got to the airport on time! When we went to El Paso a few weeks ago, we were kind of pushing it, so I was glad Nick was relaxed when we got there early. Especially because we needed all that extra time to walk from the BFE parking lot to the BFE gate alllll the way at the end of the terminal at Love Field airport. See, there’s this thing called the Wright Amendment that limits Southwest Airlines from flying outside Texas without first stopping in a bordering state. Well, a Missouri Senator recently got the state of Missouri exempted as well, and now American Airlines is operating like three gates or something out of Love to steal business from Southwest. So, if you’ll remember, Nick and I got free tickets from AA to fly anywhere they do out of Love Field. Hey, free is free!

We landed in KC with no issues and despite waiting forever for my golf clubs to come off the baggage carousel (our suitcase was the 4th bag off, the golf bag was the second to last bag off), we got our rental car (a Ford Escape this time – I liked it but we’ll need more room in real life for bags and cargo) and got to Nick’s buddy’s house fairly quickly. Within five minutes we had beers in our hands and were sitting on the deck overlooking a huge, lushly green lawn and a creek. We spent the whole evening drinking beer, eating steak and yappin’. Nick’s friend that we stayed with used to be his boss way back when, and the two of them told story after story. Let’s just say the place they worked sounds like it was a little crazy.

Saturday morning was spent on the deck again, this time drinking coffee and recovering from the massive amount of beer drunk the previous evening. Eventually, we rolled off the lawn chairs and went and played golf. Well, Nick’s old boss and I did. Nick drove one of the carts and was the Pin Boy. Old Boss was a good golfer. But, besides going to the driving range once about a month ago, I haven’t played in close to 4 or 5 years. My short game was quite rusty, but I really surprised myself off the tees. I had a few drives that were well over 200 yards, one approaching 250. Anyone need a lady for a co-ed scramble?

We played about 13 or 14 holes (it was an 11-hold course…strange I know…part of the course had been sold off for development…green fees plus cart was $28 for all the holes you could play). Nick and Old Boss finished off a 12-pack of Miller High Life. I worked my way through 5 Sam Adams, and as we played, we watched the clouds roll in and the sky darken. I wanted to play one more hole, but Nick insisted we get off the course. It was a good thing, because right as we got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot, the skies opened and it poured down for a good couple of hours. We stopped off at a local restaurant/pub for a pint and some sandwiches before going home and showering. I slept off a couple of beers napped for about an hour, and then we went out on the town.

One of Nick’s old favorite stomping grounds was the Cigar Box. If you are ever in Kansas City, you have to go to the Cigar Box. When we walked in, I thought I had gone blind, but no, there were just no lights on in the place. Well, there were lights, but they were dimmed all the way to the setting next to “Off”. There were only a few people in the place at the time. There were a couple of bar tables right at the entrance, followed by a long bar. Immediately to the right as you walked in was a large closet-sized humidor of cigars. A raised area of the floor to the right had a single table, a sound machine, and a couple of couches. The rest of the narrow space was full of small four-top round tables. Besides the three of us, I think there were four other people at the bar. When you sit down at the bar, you can’t help but notice the painting hanging behind the bar. According to Nick, a guy offered up $10,000 for the painting, but the owner wouldn’t sell. We asked permission to take this picture of it. We’re 99.9% certain that the place is owned by some people that are ‘connected’. I ordered a Cosmo, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I watched her make the second one, and I saw her add in Chambord and Grand Marnier, on top of an orange-flavored Vodka. Mmmm good. After a bit, the guy a bar-stool away from me gets up and heads over to the music machine up on the ‘stage’. Turns out, this guy that I thought was just another drunk is actually Al Latta, regular entertainer at the Cigar Box, and somewhat of a minor local celebrity. He sings Sinatra, Martin, Elvis, Diamond and more, and is an absolute HOOT! He was dressed in black pants, a glitter-painted black t-shirt, a black sport coat and had a silver chain around his neck. The rug on his head looked like it’d been run over by a few drunks out on the street, but his performance was awesome. He’s well liked and evidently packs ’em in 5 nights a week.

After leaving the Cigar Box, we tried a place called The Quaff. According to Nick, it’d changed a lot. It now resembled a college bar, full of young kids, including a bachelorette party for a girl that looked about 12. Her party included a chick in a black bustier with a fuzzy whip in hand that was spanking just about everyone she walked by, and a girl with a whistle that I can only assume was calling ‘party foul’ penalties…constantly. I was ready to shove the whistle down her throat, and was very nearly to that point when Nick and Old Boss decided it was time to leave.

Sunday morning Nick and I had an awful, disguting breakfast at the Waffle House. Nick wanted to go there, not me. But I went along. I was doing OK until I saw the pile of dead fruit flies laying across the window sill. I stopped eating at that point.

We watched England vs. Ecuador in the World Cup with Old Boss. I like soccer football, but Nick and Old Boss just went on and on and on making jokes and comments during the game. Why the hell did Old Boss have it on then if the two of them were just going to make fun? Of course Beckham scored a goal off a beautiful free-kick to bring the score to 1-0 somewhere in the 60th minute of play. Ecuador couldn’t get much off after that, and England won.

We left Old Boss behind, and headed over to meet Nick’s friend Cara and her boyfriend Ink at the Broadway Cafe. It’s a very cool coffee shop. Good atmosphere for artists and writers. When we pulled up, we lucked out and got a front-and-center street parking spot. Lined up outside the coffee shop under the front windows were a line of black-backed chairs. A couple of guys in punk-ish attire were smoking roll-your-owns out front, watching a white guy in a mowhawk and a black guy in a stocking cap play a game of chess. We ordered our coffees inside and waited briefly on Cara and Ink. Once they arrived, we chatted for a bit, then headed to Gates BBQ for lunch.

Kansas City BBQ at it’s finest. Their schtick is greeting yelling at their customers “Hi, May Help You”as soon as the patron walks in the door. OK, while standing in line. But definitely before you would expect to order. And if you’re not ready to order, be prepared to be assaulted with a progressively louder “Hi, May Help You’s” every 10 seconds until you do order. And just order your main item. “Pork on Bun” I yelled. But even though I’d ordered, I still got an earful of “Hi, May Help You’s” as the patrons in line behind me mulled over their order. Sides and drinks are ordered at the register as you receive your main item. Condiments, sauces, silverware, napkins and other items are located around the corner. Don’t ask, just order, keep your head down, pay and move through the line. BBQ Nazi, anyone? The BBQ was good. Different from Texas BBQ. According to Nick it’s the fact that they use Hickory instead of Mequite to roast their meats. The coolest part about the place was that their ceiling fans were on old-style pulley systems. Oh, and as we left, a bum asked me for change. Surprisingly, he was a very polite bum, but Nick had all the cash, and he’s not as nice as I am. As we got in the car, Nick told me they ask everyone for a quarter. Once they get 5 or 6 quarters, they go to 7-11 and purchase a very cheap bottle of gin that could double as rubbing alcohol.

After lunch, we went to tour Ink’s house. He has a very cool house, but the dude has a problem. He’s stuck in the 70’s. Everything in the house was retro. Some of it was kind of cool, but some of it was soooo 70’s. The saving grace of the house was the garden.

Then we went to the mall to find some souvenirs. Instead we found an Elvis shop and a pair of checkered Vans for Nick. He’d been asking for some for a while. I was on the “No” end of it. Checkered Vans? Yuck! Then again, they weren’t going to be on my feet. So, as part of his birthday gifts, I meant to get him some. Then forgot what size shoe he wore. I’m glad I waited, because he needed a bigger size. We had to order them. So we’re waiting on the shipping.

After the mall, we went to go meet another of Nick’s friends. Math Whiz and his wife and their darling baby girl. Math Whiz used to be neighbors with Nick. Their apartment balconies backed up to each other, and that’s how they got to be friends. Math Whiz is actually a math teacher at a private school and is super smart. He’s a really funny guy, if a bit talkative, and he and Nick have some funny schtick that they do together. We had a nice visit with them as well. We got pizza for dinner. On the way back, I wanted to get a picture of a cool car we’d seen in the neighborhood. Sadly, the guy was bringing out the trash, so I couldn’t stop and get a good picture. So I had to do a drive by. Yes, that’s a Buick with rims.

Monday we spent doing a bit of sight-seeing before our flight. We went drove around the Plaza area of Kansas City, but it’s just like a big outdoor mall with shops I can see anywhere. So, we went over to the Westport area and did some shopping at a thrift store. I found a cool pair of shades for $10 and Nick got a cool pair of Wingtips for $24. We walked up and down the block, looking at the bars and restaurants and shops. Then, we went back to the Cigar Box for lunch. Wimbeldon was on TV, but it was on rain delay, so they were showing the 2005 final. We left before it was over…I wonder who won?

We headed over to Crown Plaza and did a bit more shopping. We played in the fountain outside for a bit, had a latte and then departed for the airport. Major bonus once we checked in. We’d been upgraded to first class! Woo Hoo! So, the trip back was extra comfy and we enjoyed a complimentary beverage as well. Smooth landing, short wait at baggage claim, loooong walk back to the BFE garage, and we were on our way home.

It was great to meet Nick’s friends and put faces with all the names I’d heard about for the last year. Nick and I travel well together I think. Except he wants to drive all the time. He’s a granny good driver. But he’s too cute for me to be peeved for more than a few seconds, so I was happy. We had a great time on our vacation. I love you Nick baby, I hope you had fun too.

May 30, 2006

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso…

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…is where I spent my Memorial Day weekend. Nick and I flew out Friday evening on a very full American flight. Packed in like sardines, as they say. I’m not a good flier, but once we made it past the take-off, I was able to relax. I also got some really good shots of the clouds and the sky while in-flight. The landing was also, fortunately, uneventful and we made it back down to the ground with no issues.

The El Paso airport is actually quite convenient, with the baggage claim and car rental areas directly across from each other. We ended up with a Ford Freestar. Nick kept insisting it was a mini-van. It’s not a mini-van. I asserted. It doesn’t have a sliding door! It can’t be a mini-van! We went back and forth for a while, before agreeing that it looked more like a station wagon on ‘roids.

Pop looked just like he did when we left him in February. Joe Boxer pajama pants, well-executed comb-over, cane, white Reebok tennies, and a button down-shirt. He was so glad to see us. We went to La Casita for dinner, where I feasted on the Verde Casita special. A ginormous burrito, with cubed beef, potatoes, green chile sauce and more chiles. Fantastico! And, to make it even better, the Mavs won game 3 to go up over the Suns 2-1.

Saturday morning I woke up earlier to hear Nick on the phone, talking to his Uncle Larry. We were going to meet him for breakfast. I’d never met him before, and he’s rather estranged from the rest of the family, so we had to go before Nick’s sister arrived. Uncle Larry turned out to be a sweet man, and I hope I get to hang out with him again. Sadly, this sweet man has a battle with the alcohol demons, a lot of stories, and not much else to show for his years. Still, I liked him immensely.

We picked up Nick’s dad and took him out to see the house in which Nick was born. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was just too sad. A lot of the neighborhood had deteriorated, and despite the neighbor’s house being pristine, Nick’s house looked awful. Shutters torn off, Christmas lights still hanging, a single bush in the yard, and lots of dirt and weeds, the house needed a paint job and a lot of work. But, there was a new Camero in the drive! Nick pointed out a set of house numbers hanging from the front eaves. “My dad made those.” Yeah? I said. Do you want them? He said he did. I grabbed $5 out of my purse and jumped out of the car before Nick could stop me. I walked up to the door and knocked. After a few moments, a hung-over face looked out the window at me and motioned for me to wait. After a minute, he opened the door, standing in a ratty blue robe, dirty bare feet, and I don’t want to imagine what (or what not) underneath.

Hi. My husband was born in this house. His dad made those house numbers hanging there. His father is now very old and ill and we’d like to see if we could have the house numbers he made.

The man stared at me with a very confused look on his face. I paused a moment, before repeating my story, more slowly this time, and re-emphasizing Nick’s father’s age and the fact that he made the house numbers with his own hands. Would you mind if we took the numbers?

The man stared at me again, wondering what the hell I was going on about. I was just about to offer him the $5 for them, when he said The numbers? Yeah, you can take them. Thank you very much I gushed and turned around and didn’t hesitate to get the numbers off the rusted J-hooks. I high-tailed it back to the car and told Nick to step on it. Around the corner, we stopped for a minute and gave Nick’s dad the numbers. He was surprised and couldn’t figure out how I’d got them. Warm fuzzy for the day.

We then stopped at the Fort Bliss National Cemetery to visit Nick’s mother’s grave. As the spouse of a retired military man, she had priviledges to be buried there. As we drove in, I gasped and immediately teared up. The cemetery was decorated with American flags. Large flags lining the main drive, and in front of each headstone, a small American flag had been placed in the ground. The effect was immediate and emotional. As we walked through the section where Nick’s mom was buried, his dad spied a fallen flag. He immediately shuffled over to the flag and picked it up, returning it to it’s upright position. Nick was so moved by this, as was I, and we shared a special moment there together.

Back at the house, Nick’s sister finally arrived. It was a bit tense at first. She’s not exactly a warm, fuzzy person right off the bat. But, after we all relaxed a bit and chatted over dinner, the mood lightened. I taught them all to play spades. We played boys vs. girls and the girls came back and won.

Sunday was more relaxing. After an attempt at running in the desert air, I nearly was sick. I couldn’t control my coughing and I really thought I was going to lose my cookies. Even 20% humidity (compared to a usual 70%+) wasn’t enough to keep my breathing moisturized. A nice, hot, steamy shower made me feel somewhat better.

We had breakfast, then made a run to the book store. I had to scout around the store for a comfy chair for Pop, which I finally found. Nick’s sister shopped, and I watched Pop and did my Sudoku. Back at home, we went through some of the shelves in the garage, and threw out a bunch of Nick’s old junk memories. We selected a few items to bring home, and a few to put aside to be brought home at a later date. Photos, Christmas ornaments, and more photos.

One of my co-workers is also from El Paso. He’d raved about this place called Chico’s Tacos. They’re only found in El Paso. Believe me, this is a good thing. I’d begged Nick to take me. He assured me I’d want to get it to go once we got there, but I stuck it out. Nick and I turned out to be the only white people in the place. The review I linked to pretty much says it all. Our order was exactly as is noted there. Except I had a root beer to drink instead of water. The people are better to watch than the food is to eat. The guy in the white wife-beater, the guy in the black mesh t-shirt, the guy with the excellent ink (read tattoos) and the table busser with the completely bald head except for the little tuft on the back of his neck. Yes, stereotypes exist for a reason.

Monday, all the ‘good’ places to eat were closed. One restaurant even closed down for an entire week for vacation. I’ve never heard of a restaurant closing for a week for vacation! “This is El Paso” is all Nick had to say. We ended up opting for Village Inn, which is like a Dennys or an IHOP. Except VI has great chorizo dishes for breakfast.

We cleaned up a few things around Pop’s house, then headed for the airport. Being a holiday, we had no idea how the security was going to be. Turned out it wasn’t that bad, plus our flight was delayed because of thunderstorms at DFW. The best part about the flight back was that we got upgraded!. I’ve never flown first-class before, and I certainly never want to fly coach again. Alas, I’m sure I will fly coach more often than first. But it was great. First off the plane even!

On our way home, we picked up the kids. It was late and they were tired and we were tired. I also got a bit of, um, news. Last week the Brilliant Ex was out of town for a week on vacation. A cruise evidently. Where he asked the Girlfriend to marry him. Best of luck to both of them.

Now I’m back at work, back to the grindstone, and back to this. I missed ya’ll! I’ll be around sometime in the next couple of days to catch back up. I have some work to do on the photos from the trip, but I’ll have them up and done soon too.

April 19, 2006

Leavin’ Las Vegas

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Please sing the post title to the tune of Viva Las Vegas. Oh, thank you! That was very good!

Again, four hours of sleep, followed by another disappointing breakfast. Maybe Vegas just doesn’t do breakfast because people are too hung over to care. There was no time for fun and games on Friday though, because it was goin’ home time.

The rest of Nick’s co-workers shuttled it back to the airport while we took our rental back. I was very pleased with Enterprise. They picked us up within 10 minutes of us calling them to rent the car in the first place. The manager, Patrick, turned out to be from Waco, a mere two hours from us. He was very nice. And, when we returned the XTerra, they took us to the airport. Excellent service!

I hate flying. I didn’t always. As a kid, I loved to go on the plane. I would even fly by myself at age 6. Back when you could let kids do that. I would fly to Houston to see my grandparents, all by myself, with my little I think I can choo-choo pin. But then, when I got pregnant with Zed, I flew a couple of times. Since then, I can’t stand it. I get all nervous and sick during the take-off and landing. Mainly the take-off.

The flight out was good. But leaving was another story. It had gotten cloudy, and Vegas is basically a big plain, completely surrounded by mountains. So, when weather comes in, the air gets choppy. The first twenty minutes of the flight was bumpy. Really bumpy. I’m surprised Nick’s hand survived. And I actually cried. But once we got above the clouds, it was all OK. Obviously, we landed safely. I was never so glad to be back! We were exhausted, but managed to make it through dinner and a coffee at Starbucks before I started to fall asleep sipping my latte and puzzling out my Sudoku. In bed by 10 pm on a Friday! Who’da thunk it?!?

Next time we go to Vegas, we’re going to see a show. I also want to see more of the big hotels like the Bellagio, the Venetian, and Treasure Island.

I liked Vegas. At night. During the day it was dull. Do some outside Vegas sight-seeing during the day. There was a lot to see within a two hour drive of the city. But at night, when the lights come on and the people come out, it was very alive. My advice on gambling is to find your game and stick with it. I know how to play Blackjack, but to me, it’s not as fun as poker. I didn’t care for the Pai Gow game, but regular 5-card poker and Texas Hold ‘Em I love. If you don’t know how to play, sit down at the table, watch and ask questions. The dealers are very nice, and usually the other players are too, and they’ll explain everything to you. If you’re sitting next to someone annoying, get up and find another seat. It can be distracting to listen to someone you find irritating. And room service is expensive! Viva Las Vegas!

April 18, 2006

Vegas, Day 2

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Look to my left sidebar for my new Flickr photo album. Vegas photos can be found there!

Despite coming to bed so late, I woke up at 8:30. Nick and I gave the breakfast buffet a whirl. I wasn’t impressed. And the old people there in Vegas will run you over with their walkers and canes, trying to beat you to the food! My goodness!

We decided we would rent a car and head out to the Hoover Dam. We arranged to rent a Nissan XTerra. I’m thinking I want one now. It was a very quiet ride, comfortable and good handling. As we approached the Dam, the scenery was amazing. Lake Mead and the canyons approaching the Dam gave us some beautiful sights.

At the Dam, Nick and I exhausted our “Dam” joke bank. Wow, that’s a dam big dam. That’s a lot of dam concrete. I wonder how much dam water there is. I need to go to the dam bathroom. We’re looney, I know. That’s why we’re a perfect match.

Back at the hotel, we grabbed a quick lunch, then took a nap to gear up some energy for the night’s activities. We woke up to a gorgeous Vegas sunset. Feeling a little grimey from our Dam Walk, we took a bath. But not just any kind of bath. A bubble bath! The tub had whirlpool jets, so we got lots of bubbles out of the little hotel sample body wash bottle.

For dinner, we went to N9NE Steakhouse. It was very contemporary. The seafood platter we started with was delicious. Good size lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, clams, mussels, and oysters. My Surf & Turf steak was good, but the surf part of it was a little disappointing, size wise. It was a fantastic meal, again.

After, we ventured up to Ghostbar. The brothers ordered us a bottle of Crown and a bottle of Absolut and mixers. Our waitress made all our drinks for us at our table. Out on their open-air patio (55 floors up!) we got another great view of Vegas. And, they had a clear plexi-glass platform that you could stand on and see the parking lot below. I stood on it for a moment, but got that wave of vertigo and went back inside. We danced and drank for awhile, and did some interesting people watching.

Nick got tired of the noise and went back to the room. The rest of us went down to the tables to do some more gambling. I sat down at the Blackjack table and promptly lost $100. Then I moved to the Texas Hold ‘Em table and won $200. I eventually made it back to the room at 4:30 am, $60 up. That was good enough for me.

Next up…Going Home

April 17, 2006

Vegas Vacation Day 1

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Unlike the Griswolds, Nick and I didn’t have any run-ins with Wayne Newton, near accidents at the Hoover Dam, or lose the entire contents of our bank account. We had a fantastic time!

On the way to the airport, Nick realized he’d forgotten to pack his tennis shoes. He obsessed about this for awhile. Remote parking was a cinch, and the flight was very smooth both out of Dallas and into Vegas. On the way out, we hooked up with Nick’s co-workers and boss. But fortunately we didn’t have to sit near them. Let’s just say they’re a little crazy.

We checked into the hotel and went straight to our room at The Palms. Ordered some room service and took a nap before the long night ahead of us. At 8 pm we were picked up by a black limo. The inside was ‘pimped out’ with leopard-print upholstry, TV screens, and neon lights. The driver took us to the Mandalay Bay hotel where we ate at Red Square. This was my favorite dinner. For appetizers we had some calamari, Siberian Nachos – wonton chips with smoked salmon, some kind of cream and caviar – and crab cakes. For dinner, Nick had Roquefort Crusted Filet Mignon and I had Osso Bucco. The filet was fanatastic, and the Osso Bucco fell off the bone. We shared a creme brulee for dessert. During the meal we sipped on $13 martinis, and after, we savored Frangelico.

We also went up to the Foundation Room for a view of Vegas. The whole town was laid out in front of us, lights sparkling, traffic flowing and it was breathtaking. The only bad part was when one of Nick’s jackass co-workers tried to ‘jump’ through the picture, knocked the camera out of Nick’s boss’ boss’ hand, and broke it. Yeah, broke our camera on our first night in Vegas. I was pissed. If it wouldn’t have been a work trip, the guy would have gotten a free flight over the side, courtesy of Nick Air.

Then we went and played a little Blackjack. The brothers that own the company that Nick works for threw a few hundreds down on the table, and instructed us to sit. I started off with $75 and ended up with $225. I gave $100 back to one of the brothers (makin’ my man look good) and then Nick and I made our way back to the hotel. I changed clothes and went back downstairs to gamble some more. I decided to try Pai Gow Poker, at the recommendation of one of my friends. I wasn’t very good at it, because I ended up giving back all of my $125 winnings from earlier in the evening. But hey, it was free money, so I technically didn’t lose. Right?

I crawled into bed at 4 am. Good thing we took a nap earlier!

To be continued…

April 12, 2006

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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You are so money! Yep! Nick and I are headed to Vegas this morning. We’re looking forward to a little fun in the desert. I’ll be back in a couple of days with some scandalous photos. Say Hi while you’re here and then go visit someone on my blogroll. Come on, you know you want to…

April 10, 2006

Ever see the sun set behind a dust storm?

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If you’re not from the southwestern U.S., probably not. Friday’s drive down to Gatesville was windy. A front was blowin’ across Texas, and a dust-storm from West Texas was comin’ with it. We were between Waco and Gatesville, almost to our destination, and witnessed a special treat!

The Komen was fun. I have several suggestions for the race director, but being only the 6th Komen run in that area, I think they’re still ‘learning lessons’. The 5K started late, but the course was flat, and there was plenty of water. Of course, the water tasted like dirt, but it was still wet. The course was an out-and-back. And the back was straight into the stiff wind. Afterwards I was chilly and hungry. I found some orange slices and had a little fun.

Saturday night Bubba grilled pork chops and we had baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Mmmmm good. After, we played a cut-throat game of Mexican Train dominoes. I won. YAY!

Sunday morning we were up and out the door, headed back to Arlington Texas, home of the Texas Rangers, to watch a bit of the grand ‘ol game. It was sunny and warm, and the beer was cold. So, it was a good game. The first couple of innings were a little rough, with Padilla giving up a run in the 1st and 2nd innings. In the 3rd inning, the Rangers scored three runs, giving us the lead. Detroit tied it up again in the 4th, but two runs in the bottom of the 6th, and good relief pitching solidified the Rangers’ win.

After the game, we got another special treat! The fans were invited to run the bases! Holy cow! When else in my life am I going to be in the right place at the right time! We jumped on the chance, waited in line and got to run on a major league ballpark field! I hit all the bases around while Nick took pictures. And of course I stepped on home plate! Then it was Nick’s turn. We had a blast!

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