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February 15, 2009

Flip Side

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I hate that it took me 54:24 to run 4 miles today.

On the other hand, I ran 4 miles today.

December 19, 2008

knock on wood

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I’m about to go play my first soccer game since…elementary school? Pray that I don’t break, tear or otherwise injure anything.

December 15, 2008

Nothing like a party to make a house a home

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I finally got around to having a “Housewarming Party” nearly six months after we moved in. Which is exactly what I needed to get touch-ups done and pictures hung on the wall. I’m not proclaiming that all boxes are unpacked. No, in fact, quite a few got stuffed into closets. But the walls have less spackle-patches and paint splotches, and there are pictures on the walls.

Nick let out his inner decorating diva and made the place all Christmassy. Except for the tree, the majority of the decorating was done by him, with some suggestions (and some nixing of ideas) from me. His favorite idea took a while to come by, and also conquered one of our decorating challenges – the stairwell landing wall. Going through a bunch of crap at my mom’s house this fall, I came upon a bunch of old LPs. Which I greedily took and didn’t offer to share with my sibs. I’ve picked up a few more LPs at a discount book store, and bought a turn table. So we picked our favorites of some album artwork and used LP frames to make art!

Saturday I roasted and turkey and warmed up a ham, and my friends brought over side-dishes and desserts, and we had an in-law-less Christmas dinner. ALL contributions to the dinner were excellent, including some perfectly spicy jalapeno au gratin potatoes, and some beyond delicious creamed brussel sprouts. My friend Steph also brought me some beautiful flowers and champagne, which I will soon enjoy in some mimosas.

I also made Christmas sugar cookies with royal icing. Not something I will sanely choose to do again. It took me forever to get the cookies rolled out and cut. The recipe I found called for the dough to be chilled. My friend that makes the most beautiful decorated cookies told me I had the wrong recipe – hers don’t get chilled. Then, the icing. Everywhere. What a mess! I didn’t even decorate all the ones I baked, and I was exhausted. So much so that I forgot to make my cranberry sauce and only had jellied sauce. So now I have two bags of cranberries. They’ll get used though, so no worries. No one stayed too late. Mostly because I now live in BFE, and I know that it took some people about 45 minutes at least to get home.

I love my house. Just sometimes I wish I could pick it up and land, Dorothy-style, somewhere else. Except I love driving up the two-lane, tree-lined asphalt road to get home some days. For about 45 seconds I don’t feel like I live in one of the largets metropolitain areas in the nation. I like the ranch that I drive by on my way to work every day. And it tickled me to no end to see them harvesting crops at the end of the summer. But all around are new subdivisions (yes, the builders are actually still building, though not as fast), and the roads are scheduled to be widened, and then I will have to move somewhere else in 10 years to get away from it.

I can’t wait to have more parties at my house. Good thing I have so many beds! My friends can all stay the night if they decide they don’t want to drive all those miles back home.

June 3, 2008


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My baby boy is no longer a baby. He hasn’t been for some time now I guess. He was growing up so slowly. And then I blinked.

And suddenly his voice was changing. He had ‘dirt’ on his lip. He’s talking about girls. He’s napping and eating in equal parts.

I miss his baby hugs. The kind where he puts his chubby arms around my neck and his hands just touch around the back. I miss seeing his face light up when I come home. I miss him wanting to share the stories of his day. I miss him finding wonder and amazement in the littlest things.

The man he is becoming is equally amazing to me. His kindness, compassion, sincerity, and intelligence are his strengths. He cares deeply for those close to him, and will sacrifice to make others happy. He is taking an interest in the world and the goings on, trying to figure out his place.

My greatest joys now are hearing him laugh, watching him play basketball, getting the report cards I know will be good, and savoring the occasional hug I can steal here and there. Sometimes I even get a kiss on the cheek. But those are rare.

If you ask him he’ll be an astronaut or a professional basketball player. At least that was the plan a couple of years ago. I can see him as an actor or a comedian. At least he cracks me up.

He is amazing to me. Thirteen years ago he changed my life and my priorities. I am so proud of him.

Happy Birthday baby boy young man.

May 28, 2008

*offer accepted!

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*contingent* offer accepted I should say.

We have identified our dream home (dream for the next 10 years anyhow – due to location) and they have accepted our offer. Once it’s closer to being a ‘done deal’ I’ll give some more details. Until then cross everything that is humanly – and for those of you with slightly more skills, beyond human – possibile. I want this house. I want to sell my house. I want to settle in a new home that is better for my family. Please, please, please, make this work.

May 15, 2008


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Just 19 days until I become a parent of a teenager. Time has snuck up on me.

April 5, 2007

Gettin’ my Knit On

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Lass-y be knittin’ it now
Lass-y be knittin’ it now

Lass-y be knittin’ it now
I knit the hottest round
I told my mother-uhh
Y’all can’t stop me now
Watch me knit it now
I’m knittin’ twenty rounds
and if you want my FIBERS
then get on the list now (YES)
Is you with me now (YES)
then purly purly bounce (YES)
I know you dig the way I ri-ri-rib my style
(HOLLA!!) People stitch a round (YES)
Now people sitch a round, now people stitch a round

get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go HOLLA
get your knit on, go
get your knit on, go
getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha knit on HOLLA…

Last night I went to hang with the Fiber Gang at a local coffee shop. Yo! It didn’t matter that some of us are knitters and some of us are crocheters, and some of us stitch both ways. We even had a rare thing – a spinner – among us! Ya’ll, it was a beautiful thing. Pretty yarns everywhere, all being knitted, purled, seed stitched, single, double and even triple crocheted! I mean, if the fiber community can get along, why can’t everyone!? I felt really at peace with my cotton last night. It was inspiring. Brought a tear to my eye. There was pattern sharing and technique sharing too!

The most exciting part was when I realized I mis-read my pattern. I thought the skirt of my dress was never going to end…but then I re-read the pattern and noted that I needed to knit 8.75 inches, not 19 inches – it’s 19 cm for the small dress. I’m making the medium and using US customary units of measurement, not the metric measurements. Helps if you pay attention! So I’m half done with the back side of this cute little dress. I’m ready to split the back side of the skirt to make the back opening. Isn’t this just sweet? Notice the picot neckline. Simple, but precious.

Mabel Dress

October 20, 2006

My hand hurts…

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From signing my life away! Yay! Nick and I are now Home Owners! That’s a scary thought! But now it’s OURS! OURS! OURS!

The home-buying process wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Maybe it’s because I already live in the house. I knew it would be frustrating at times, and last night I was ready to be ill. But now, it’s all done. And I think I’m relaxed. Somewhat.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

September 22, 2006

Please, come in, sit down!

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! The dreaded Parent/Teacher Conference. Where parents all over America go sit in mini-chairs at mini-tables and try to get comfortable while being given their child’s assessment results and having no clue as to their scale or meaning.

And you ask about the scale. And you’re given some cryptic answer about the ‘state test’ versus the ‘real test’ and how it’s more difficult and how your child is fine. I’m suspicious that the teachers really know what it means. Well, she read story #4, and other kids read story #1 or story #2. And this is her score. And by the end of the year she needs to be here. And there is no explanation of She scored x out of y. Or that Story #4 differs from stories 1 and 2 in this way.

I’ve determined that her teacher is very cold and fish-like and cut-and-dry. Firstly, Elle doesn’t respond well to people like that, and second, I don’t think people like that make very good teachers. She shows no excitement in what she’s teaching, and therefore the kids aren’t excited about learning. So, we’ll see. I’ve already made more calls to her teacher this year than I did to her teacher all of last year. What fun.


Last night I went and did a Power Yoga class. I’ve done a PiYo (pilates/yoga) class at this gym before. And this class was just billed as Yoga. Within 5 minutes I was sweating. That Yoga is hard work! I did quite a few new poses that I hadn’t done before, and I feel like I did pretty well for my first time. But, I think I like for my Yoga to be more relaxing. I think I’ll stick to the step classes for the butt burners, and the PiYo class for stretching and relaxing. I also want to try the Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) one of these days.


P.S. Psst…I’m in a little contest over at Petroville. Go check it out and vote for me. Can you figure out which one I am? Hint: Side ponytails should never have been considered in style.

July 26, 2006


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The truck is unpacked and now all I have to do is re-organize everything. Whew! It was frustrating there for a bit, but hopefully I’ll be happier with the end product. No, not my house silly! My blog! It’s all very plain right now and some of my “features” are missing, but I’m muddling through it and it doesn’t appear anything is lost. I’ll give you the new URL when I’m all done! Mwah!

Update: I think I’m done! Please come see me here and update your blogroll!

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