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March 28, 2006

I’ll need to transfer you…

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Act I
Time: Last night
Location: MegaPhoneCompany store

Yes, I’ve ordered phone service online and I got this email saying you needed to confirm my identity.
Hands over drivers license and credit card. Clerk looks up something on the computer and fills out a slip of paper with a phone number and a confirmation code.
Call this number and give them this confirmation code. They’ll give you a date when your service will be turned on. You’ll probably have to call tomorrow because they’re probably closed by now.
Thank you.


Act II
Time: About 10:30 am
Location: Office desk

MegaPhoneCompany, Operator 1 speaking, how may I help you?
Yes, I have ordered phone service and I have a confirmation code I need to provide so I can get a date when my service will be connected.
OK, what is that order number? It should start with an I.
I don’t have an order number that starts with an I. I have a tracking number and the phone number. I ordered the service online.
Oh, well then what’s the phone number then?
Thank you ma’am. What’s that confirmation code? It should start with a P.
Um, it starts with an F. FX12345Y
Oh, they just left the P off, that’s correct. OK. I see that you’re in an area where your provided with MegaPhoneCompany’s fiber-optic service. I’m going to have to transfer you to a fiber specialist. Hold please.

Music plays in the background for around 5 minutes…

Hello, this is Operator 2. How may I help you?
Yes, I’ve ordered service and I’m trying to get a date for when that will be turned on. I gave my confirmation number to the girl before and she said I had to talk to a fiber specialist.
Typing in the background.
Um, yes ma’am. What’s your account number?
I don’t have an account number. I have a tracking number and the phone number. I’m getting new service.
Oh, yes ma’am. Let me verify that number.
Yes ma’am. I do show an order for you. I’m going to need to transfer you to the orders department.

Music plays in the background for awhile longer.

Hello, this is Operator 3. May I have permission to access your account?
How may I help you today?
I’ve ordered phone service and I need to get a date when my phone is going to be turned on.
Yes please. What is your order number?
I don’t have an order number. I have a tracking number and the phone number. I ordered the service online.
Oh, well what is that phone number?
OK, yes ma’am. I see that your credit was approved and that your order has been cleared for activation. Let me transfer you to the orders department.

Nearly falls out of chair thinking “I thought that’s who you were!
Music plays a while longer…
Uh, yes ma’am. How can I help you today?
I need to get a date for when my service will be turned on.
Can I get your account number please?
No, this is for new service
Oh, well what’s your order number please?
I.Don’t.Have.An.Order.Number. I have a phone number and I need to confirm when it will be turned on.

5 minutes later

April 11 is the first available date the system is giving me.
Um, that’s not going to work for me. Isn’t there something sooner?
Well, let’s see. Hmmm. OK, the system is giving me tomorrow at the earliest.
That’s much better, thank you.
OK, while we’re waiting for your order to clear, can I ask what you’re using for your internet service.
I’m not interested in switching my internet service. I just want my phone turned on.

5 minutes later after all the phone service features have been explained and new ones offered and free ones included.

OK, your service is scheduled for intstallation tomorrow.
Does anyone have to be present for the install?
No ma’am, it’s a service center activation so no one has to be present.
OK, thank you.
Thank you ma’am. Have a nice day.


I just hope I can get a dial tone!

March 24, 2006

Playin’ Bas-ket-ball

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At 4:15 yesterday Nick is frantically IMing me and calling me, trying to track me down.

[16:15] supernick: URG!! Where are you?
[16:27] interstellarlass: What up
[16:27] supernick: Want to go to the Mavs game?
[16:27] interstellarlass: when?
[16:27] supernick: Tonight?
[16:27] interstellarlass: who’s going to watch the kids?
[16:28] supernick: can we scrounge up a sitter?
[16:28] interstellarlass: I don’t know
[16:28] supernick: what are the odds?
[16:28] interstellarlass: let me call my grandparents
[16:28] supernick: okay
[16:32] interstellarlass: what time does the Mavs game start?
[16:32] supernick: 7:30
[16:33] interstellarlass: yes we’ll go
[16:34] supernick: okay
[16:35] supernick: I have the tickets and the parking pass in my hands.
[16:35] supernick: We have Platinum parking
[16:36] supernick: we’re section 218, Row H seats 11 and 12
[16:38] interstellarlass: woo hoo

The parking was great, the seats were great, the beer was expensive ($33 for 6 beers including bartender tip!), the turnovers were plentiful…at least from the Mavs. It was my first Mavs game of the season, and Nick’s first NBA game period. We had soooo much fun! The Mavs Dancers did a routine to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. The Maniaacs were fun to watch too. And this guy Boogey Bob was a hoot! And when the drumline beat those drums, the AAC rocked! Dirk was almost perfect…had 51 points for the night…2 shy of his career record. I think he only missed 1 free throw all night long. But, in the end we lost at the buzzer. So sad. It was a tough game. Never more than 9 points apart no matter who was leading. And to lose on a buzzer shot!

I did, however, get surprised with a green Mavs retro t-shirt with Diiiiirk’s name on it. Thank you Nick-baby. I love you.

March 23, 2006

More DIY

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Nope, not a house project this time. I read a post over at Carnealian’s blog that reminded me of something I need to do. Plan my own funeral! No, I’m not dying. At least that I know. But I’ve been thinking about it since my cousins’ mom died back in February. She had the kind of funeral I don’t want. And, to make sure I get what I want, I know I’ve got to plan it myself.

So here’s what I’ve got so far. First of all, I’m being cremated. There’s no draining my blood and injecting me with chemicals. No thanks. I’ll choose to be cremated instead. Then, I’ll either have my ashes scattered somewhere or I’ll turn myself into a gem. I think that’s kind of cool. But then there’s the “oops, I lost grandma” scenario when whoever loses the ring.

Then, there’s the party. Yeah. There will be no solemn, somber, sniveling, sad soiree for me. No solemn processional of cars with headlights on in the middle of the day. Nope! It’ll be a hootin’ hollerin’ good time! Music! Fun! Food! Life! I think I’m going to call it the:

“Interstellar Memorial “5K/10K – bake off – knit around – disco – fish fry – BBQ – square dance – karaoke – poker tournament – camp out – beer tasting” PartyFest.

A little bit of everything. That’s me. And you’re all invited. There will be much festing and fun. And everyone has to share a memory of me. Not a made-up one. But a real one. Different people see different sides of me. Once I’m gone, it’ll be time to share!

What’s one thing that you absolutely want or don’t want to happen when you die?

March 21, 2006

Sneak Preview

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I had poker at my house Friday night. Couple of girlfriends, green beer and guacamole. I didn’t start off too good, but my friend Judy and I ended up the last two in. We were tired, so we played Indian Poker to declare a final winner. One card on your forehead…

I spent the rest of the weekend on my bathroom. I don’t think you can see it real well, but this is the 80’s style wall paper that was in my bathroom to start.

Here’s the Sneak Preview. The Bathroom. It’s almost done now. Walls painted in Frost White, cabinets and trim painted in Beluga Black. Floor tile almost down. I’m a few pieces short, so I have to go pick some more up. Oh, and a new shower curtain too!

Update: Shame on me! I’ve gotta give some mad props to Nick! He picked up the old tiles off the floor and even had to use dangerous chemicals to get all the glue up. Poor thing almost burned his leg off with acetate, but he did an awesome job! Way to go baby!

Oh, and my lovely shawl is done too. I ended up using some chenille yarn that I already had for the trim. Still. Between the new knitting needles, the yarn and the time and labor, this is one expensive shawl!

I’m now working on crocheting this bag. I’ve already ripped it out twice. But I think I have the stitch down now. It helps when you start it right!

March 20, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

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It rained. All.Weekend. Oh, except for Saturday morning. Elle’s team won their soccer game despite damp conditions and cold winds.

The rain is supposed to clear out. I wish Terrell Owens would. Vintage Jerry Jones. T.O. will end up being a bust. But I don’t care. Gives me just another reason to root against the home team.

March 15, 2006

Learn to crochet

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Like I need another hobby! Last night I went to the first of three learn-to-crochet classes with my grandmother. My great-grandmother, Roma, was a fantastic chrochet-er. Sadly, she passed at 91 years young several years ago. She made beautiful afghans for my grandparents and my uncles.

One of my uncles wants a new afghan in the copy of a pattern my great-grandmother did. He had one, but his ex-wife kept it after their divorce. Now one of my cousins has it, and my uncle doesn’t want to take it from him. So, my uncle has asked my grandmother to make him one. Except he wants one that’s 6′ x 9′. He’s a tall guy. 6’9″.

Soooo, since this is a difficult pattern, and the size of the afghan is so large, my grandmother has asked me to help her make it. I, of course, agreed.

Last night we learned to create a foundation chain, the chain stitch, turning your work, and the single crochet stitch. I practiced when I got home and made a nice, even rectangle. Woo Hoo!

March 13, 2006

Painters cramp

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Baseboards removed, wall spackled & sanded, cabinet doors removed, two coats of primer, texturizer mixed in the paint, two coats of paint on the walls, cabinets taped off, and one coat of paint on the cabinets.

My legs ache, my back aches and I’m still not done.

To make matters worse, we washed the shower curtain, which is the inspiration for the colors in the bathroom. Well, the pattern is now coming off the shower curtain. Now I’ve got to find another one just like it or similar.

Sidenote: Zed is off to camp this week. Fifth grade goes to a ‘science camp’. It’s his first time away from home for an entire week without a family member. I’m worried. He’s only been overnight with church before.

March 10, 2006

More Proof

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Yes, more proof that my husband is the most fantastic man in the world! On one of our first dates, I mentioned a song that I’d heard on the radio and that I hadn’t been able to find the CD in any of the stores. Well, the very next date, I had a copy of the song I’d been looking for. At Christmas, I ended up with the entire album the song was on. That’s just the kind of thoughtful guy he is.

Yesterday, that thoughtful guy struck again. On Wednesday night we were chatting at our wonderful dinner, and I started talking about this song I’d heard on the radio when I was a kid. We’re talking late elementary, early junior high here. I thought it was a funny song, and I catch myself singing it every now and then. Problem is I could only remember a couple of lines and I could never find it anywhere.

Last night I got home and Nick had gone off to his writing group. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a CD and a note:

Listen to this.

I put the CD in the CD player, and what comes out? Moose in My House. (Click the link, click Play Now, select settings.) HA HA HA! It made me laugh! OK, so maybe this shows what a doofus I am and the kind of stupid humor I enjoy. I hope you do too!

As a bonus, check this out. I want to be this lady when I get old!

March 9, 2006

Why I didn’t win the lottery last night

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Because, duh, I didn’t buy a ticket! How the hell am I going to stop working and play all day if I don’t win the lottery!

On the other hand, I had a fantastic dinner with my husband. It’s so nice to actually have conversation at dinner. And not just about stupid stuff. We talk about politics, religion, the future, the past, our feelings, our frustrations, our joys for the day. Talking to him feels so natural and always has since I met him. I made a damn good decision to marry him.

So last night we enjoyed our pizza and beer and conversation. Then we stopped by Starbucks for a couple of lattes and some breakfast blend beans for in the morning. Even though we have a grinder at home we had them grind it. Just easier than messing with it in the morning, you know?

And we watched Walk the Line. I really liked it. It made me cry because I thought it was such a sweet love story. I was really impressed with their singing, and in a couple of shots, Joaquin really looked like Johnny Cash.

March 8, 2006

Am I right or wrong?

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Elle and Zed spent this last weekend with their dad. When they got home Sunday night, they unpacked their bags, putting dirty clothes away. I was watching the Academy Awards and knitting. Elle came out from her room and handed me a photo book. Evidently, her dad bought this photobook for her and gave her pictures to put in it. I was flipping through, looking at times my kids had spent with their dad and my ex-in-laws.

Then, there she was. A smiling, happy photo of my daughter and his girlfriend. My heart sank and I wanted to cry. Why had he included that photo? Ditto in my son’s photobook that he brought out.

Now, I know that she is there when my kids are sometimes. She’s there when I drop them off, or I hear her stupid yippy dog in the background when my kids call me about something. But why does there have to be a picture of her in my kids stuff? I wouldn’t send a picture of the kids and Nick to their dad’s house. My ex-father-in-law doesn’t have pictures of his ex-wife at his house with his new wife.

So, when I talked to their dad on Monday, reminding them of the school care location change during Spring Break, I told him I thought that was rather insensitive of him. He said the kids picked the pictures.

I know she’s probably going to end up being a permanent part of my ex’s life and by extension my kids’ life, just like Nick is part of ours now, but like I said, I’m not sending family photos of us with them when they go visit their dad. Am I being hyper-sensitive?

By overwhelming majority, it is evident that I am being a big baby. I figured as much, which is why I asked. I must now apologize for being a jealous mom and a big whiner. I can rarely admit when I’m wrong, and I will do so. I just don’t like it that my babies are so happy to see her and I’m just a sidenote to them at this point. I make the rules and enforce the rules. I make them do chores and homework and this girl takes my daughter for manicures and pedicures. You would have been disappointed in me when I wanted to chew her out for changing my baby girl’s earrings. Big deal! I know, but these are my babies. And no, I don’t think their dad has the right to feel the same way about Nick…their dad made the choice to walk out on his kids. Ooops. There I go…petty again. So I’m not perfect…who knew?

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