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Recently I have noticed that several people have reached 100 posts on their blog. I never realized that I hit this milestone until they made note of it on their own blogs. Evidently, there is a ‘100 Things’ pseudo-ritual of some sort related. Well, I’m a little behind then (he he, I wish) so, I sat down and tried to think of 100 interesting things about me. I found 100 things, but I don’t know how interesting they are.

100 Things about me

1) I was born November 30

2) In Houston, TX

3) I’m a Sagittarius

4) My 30th birthday was the best one ever

5) I have wonderful friends

6) They like me even though I’m a little crazy

7) My favorite ice cream is…hey, all ice cream is good

8) I love to read

9) I also knit

10) I like participating in sports

11) Watching sports on TV is mostly boring

12) I’m training for a marathon

13) Even though I bought good running shoes, I still am getting bruised toenails

14) I keep my toenails painted at all times for this reason

15) Right now my toenails are painted blue

16) I have a toe-ring that I’ve worn for over 10 years

17) I never take it off

18) Except when I had surgery

19) My second toe is longer than my big toe

20) My mom always used to make fun of my toes

21) She also used to make fun of my big feet

22) My feet got bigger each time I was pregnant

23) I have two children

24) My son is 10

25) My daughter is 6

26) They are the most beautiful children in the world

27) They are the most intelligent children in the world

28) Yes, I’m biased, but hey, it’s my blog

29) I’m in the process of getting a divorce

30) It wasn’t my idea

31) But now I’m OK with it

32) I have a degree in English

33) My concentration was in British Literature

34) I’m a business analyst

35) My job has nothing to do with my degree

36) My ears are double-pierced

37) I wear a pair of diamond studs at all times

38) I got these from my mom and dad for my 18th birthday

39) My dad is really my step-dad

40) My bio dad lives in Missouri

41) My mom is divorced from my step-dad now, too

42) I’m a good ‘ol American Mutt

43) My mom’s side of the family can trace back to the Mayflower

44) My bio-dad’s side of the family can trace back to the Revolutionary War

45) My great, great, great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian

46) That makes me just 1/32 American Indian

47) I’ve never been to an Indian Reservation

48) I love the Discovery Channel

49) And The Learning Channel

50) I hate reality shows

51) I took ballet for 12 years

52) I don’t get to dance much now

53) I’d like to take ballroom dancing lessons

54) Because I secretly watch ballroom dancing competitions on PBS

55) Even though the girls wear too much makeup, have too fake tans, and cheesy costumes

56) I’m afraid of swimming in water if I can’t see my feet

57) Because my uncle made me watch Jaws when I was 5

58) The same uncle gave me a sip of beer (I thought it was soda)

59) On my mom’s side, I have three uncles

60) They are 6’6″, 6’8″ and 6’9″

61) I wanted to be 5’10”

62) I only made it to 5’8″

63) My sister is taller than me and it irks me

64) My step dad is a doctor

65) I would have gone to med school, but I don’t like needles and cutting people

66) I did take Anatomy and Physiology in high school

67) We dissected a cat during one semester; it was cool

68) I was on the swim team in high school

69) I swam the butterfly and backstroke

70) I hate my nose

71) I like my eyes and my neck

72) I never liked my name

73) I’ve only ever broken one bone in my body

74) I fell down some stairs

75) No, I wasn’t drunk

76) Then I drove my stick-shift car home; it was painful

77) I tried out for cheerleader in Jr. High

78) I never made the team

79) I played the trombone in band

80) This is probably why I didn’t make cheerleader

81) My step-dad, bio-dad, first boyfriend and soon-to-be-ex all share the same first name

82) Perhaps this is a sign that I should never date anyone with that name ever again

83) I never studied in high school and I was still an A Honor student

84) I often wonder how well I could have done in school if I really would have studied

85) My ‘first love’ was from England

86) He was very hot, and he had an accent, which made him even hotter

87) I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18

88) I actually liked high school

89) I went to my 10 year reunion

90) By myself, because my soon-to-be-ex wouldn’t go with me

91) Sometimes I feel like I need to cry, so I’ll rent ‘Beaches’

92) I don’t like scary movies

93) I used to work in a movie theater

94) We got to see movies for free

95) I saw 60 over movies in one year

96) Now I never go to the movies

97) I’m not allergic to anything

98) Since I started getting flu shots 4 years ago, I don’t get as often

99) My kids are always sick with something, but never at the same time

100) I want to travel the world before I die

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  1. In ballroom dancing, my favorite dance is Rumba and the Flamenco.**,

    Comment by Andrea Watson — June 16, 2010 @ 7:04 pm |Reply

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