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June 5, 2008

Out of One Option, Into Another

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We and our buyer finally came to terms on her 11th hour laundry list of repairs. Mostly piddly things, but a few that could have been significant. She got another few dollars out of our wallet, but it could have been worse. I’ve got a couple of shingles to replace, some flashing to add to eaves, and several GFCI outlets to install. No biggie.

We had our inspection today on the house we made an offer on. The inspection took FOR.EVER. Thankfully the inspector was a really nice guy, dealt with me following him around a lot, asking questions. But heck, I was paying him $400 for the afternoon. (That could be read the wrong way I suppose, but it was kind of fun to say.) Part of the reason it took so long is that the house is either a 5BR/4BA/3LA/2DA/study or a 6BR/4BA/3LA/2DA. Glass half-full, glass half-empty kind of view. Either way, we are more than doubling our square footage. Seriously. If I don’t want to see Nick for a whole week, I just send him to the Gameroom/Media Room/Man Room thingy upstairs and say ‘stay there’. Because there is a full bath for him to use up there. The kids will have their own living room upstairs too. Pop will have his own room and bathroom, and that’s downstairs. But I never get mad at him, so he can be downstairs with me.

Wrigley & Tori will love the large back yard. And they can be downstairs with me too. Because Nick will be upstairs, and he won’t get to complain that Wrigley has just stunk up the living room with one of her atrocious farts. Or that Tori is sitting too close to him and staring.

One of the things we love about the house is, that except for the master bed room, all the colors used on the walls are colors we like. We aren’t likely to change any color except for the baby poop brown and faux finished (yes, two different colors/finishes on 2 each of the 4 walls) master walls. And touching up the ceiling line in the bathroom where the tiny people (at least that’s how I imagine them) couldn’t reach, even on the tallest ladder, to get to the ceiling line to finish painting. And you know what is funny about the fact that we like all the colors they used? They left all the paint cans in the garage (fortunately) and they were all $5.00 ‘Oops’ cans from Home Depot. Not one was a color they ‘chose’. They just went through the $5 pile and took a rainbow home. And it looks great!

So after we figure out how to take care of the 2 Big Things that showed up on the inspection (no hot water in the showers of two bathrooms – but hot water in the sinks of said bathrooms – and a freon leak upstairs that didn’t allow the upstairs to cool below 80o) we will be out of our option. I’m ready to move. NOW. Forget waiting on loan approval and clear title and surveys and all that crap. Just give me the house already! I’m antsy. Two weeks from today is closing. I wish I could wake up two weeks from now and have it all go fine. Perfectly fine with no issues.

Except this is my life. I have to have issues. It’s just me. Like, for instance, such as, my motor burning out on my A/C compressor Tuesday night. (For those of you counting, it is now Thursday night.) I have no A/C. It’s been in the 90s all week. Nick is about to murder someone, and I’m pretty damn grumpy. At least I get to go to an air conditioned workplace during the day. Nick, the kids and Pop are home. We have all fans running, and have bought two oscillating fans, two box fans, and a personal portable evap cooler unit. On the bright side (yes, there is one) the A/C outage is covered by the home warranty contract we have on our home during the listing period. The whole fixing up thing is going to only cost me $60. That is, if the guy shows up at 10 tomorrow like he said. Otherwise it will cost me my husband, because he will hunt down the technician that has been dodging our calls since yesterday morning and rip the guy a new one.

Happy end-of-school to all you moms out there. Bring on the summer and the insanity.

June 3, 2008


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My baby boy is no longer a baby. He hasn’t been for some time now I guess. He was growing up so slowly. And then I blinked.

And suddenly his voice was changing. He had ‘dirt’ on his lip. He’s talking about girls. He’s napping and eating in equal parts.

I miss his baby hugs. The kind where he puts his chubby arms around my neck and his hands just touch around the back. I miss seeing his face light up when I come home. I miss him wanting to share the stories of his day. I miss him finding wonder and amazement in the littlest things.

The man he is becoming is equally amazing to me. His kindness, compassion, sincerity, and intelligence are his strengths. He cares deeply for those close to him, and will sacrifice to make others happy. He is taking an interest in the world and the goings on, trying to figure out his place.

My greatest joys now are hearing him laugh, watching him play basketball, getting the report cards I know will be good, and savoring the occasional hug I can steal here and there. Sometimes I even get a kiss on the cheek. But those are rare.

If you ask him he’ll be an astronaut or a professional basketball player. At least that was the plan a couple of years ago. I can see him as an actor or a comedian. At least he cracks me up.

He is amazing to me. Thirteen years ago he changed my life and my priorities. I am so proud of him.

Happy Birthday baby boy young man.

May 28, 2008

*offer accepted!

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*contingent* offer accepted I should say.

We have identified our dream home (dream for the next 10 years anyhow – due to location) and they have accepted our offer. Once it’s closer to being a ‘done deal’ I’ll give some more details. Until then cross everything that is humanly – and for those of you with slightly more skills, beyond human – possibile. I want this house. I want to sell my house. I want to settle in a new home that is better for my family. Please, please, please, make this work.

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

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May 15, 2008


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Just 19 days until I become a parent of a teenager. Time has snuck up on me.

May 5, 2008


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Today we celebrated a couple of things. Firstly, today was one year ago that Pop moved in with us. It seems like he’s been here forever, and I mean that in a good way. I think he’s much better off than he was when he was living by himself those last few months. And despite his fall back in December, with therapy and TLC, his arm has healed and he’s getting around pretty well.

Today is also Nick and my ‘monthiversary’ of our first date. Yes. We still celebrate that. And Starbucks thanks us. And, true to last year, today was hectic. Last year Nick was driving Pop back from El Paso, and we were exhausted by the time they got home. So we skipped Starbucks. Today, we had four showings on the house, and Nick and Pop were exhausted. So tonight we skipped Starbucks too. No matter, we’ll go on Wednesday night for our free Pike Place Roast.

So, we sit here, tiredly looking at each other across the living room at critiquing Mario’s dance moves on Dancing With the Stars. Ah, love, ain’t it grand?

May 1, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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Yesterday, we ACTUALLY listed our house for sale. I can’t remember how many times I thought I was *thiiiiis close* to being “done”, but by this last weekend, we were ‘done enough’ to get photos taken and the listing made. There are still a few nails to counter-sink, and some paint touch-ups to make, but all of the major components are in place.

I thought that would be a relief. But not so much. Because of course, every day in the news the stories about the housing market decline get worse and more depressing. And my mom works for a realtor continuing education company. The news she hears there is depressing too. So, of course, NOW I’m worried about how long it is going to take to actually SELL the house.

Of course, a miracle could happen, and it could sell this weekend. But I’m not going to try to hold my breath as long as David Blaine waiting for that to happen.

Today, Nick had a dental appointment. A big one. So I took a half day off and went to the dentist with him to hold his hand. He HATES having dental work done. I seriously considered taking him to a sedation dentist. But with the help of about 7 vials of numbing agent, a raquet ball, and some Sinatra, he made it through the 2.5 hour appointment.

I also had my running class tonight. We’re on week 4 I think. And since the 3rd night, I have been struggling. That 3rd night I had a GREAT run. Everything felt wonderful, in place, moving as it should. And then BAM! I’ve been in pain ever since. My hip, my knee, my ankles, my calves. They are not cooperating AT.ALL. In fact, I think they are in a conspiracy against me. Well, I’m not giving in. I’ll move slower, at a walk if I have to, but I am not giving up.

Tomorrow, Iron Man comes out. I’m taking the day off and Nick and I are going to the first showing. We’ve been waiting for this since someone used their iPhone to pirate a copy of the trailer shown at the Comicon in San Diego last year. I love Jon Favreau, and of course, Robert Downey, Jr. Hottttiie!!! And then I plan to just chill.

Actually, I’ll probably try to do some of the aforementioned painting touch ups, but then again, maybe not.

April 23, 2008

Future Professional Soccer Player

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Elle’s 13th soccer season (in less than 4 years, 15 if you count the club team as separate seasons) ended last night. Starting in Kindergarden, shortly after we moved here, we joined up and were placed on a team. When I bought her jersey, it came down to her wrists. She’s still wearing the same jersey. Only now it doesn’t even cover her elbows. She’s gone from staring at the ball before kicking the ball six inches to being a tough goalie that can punt the ball to midfield. Ever since she started soccer, when you ask her what she’s going to be when she grows up, she smiles and responds with “A Professional Soccer Player!”.

At the end of regular season play, we were second in the league. The first place team had only had two goals scored on them all season. We scored one of them. We had a first round bye, playing our first game Saturday in mid-80 degree temps and winning 2-0. Our second game Sunday went into OTs, with us prevailing 3-1. Last night it was the Championship Game for all the marbles. Against the Number 1 team.

Elle was in goal the entire game. Usually she’s 1st half goalie, 2nd half mid-fielder or forward. The first half proceeded with some very physical (too physical IMO) play from the other team. Elle was going to have a busy night. Save after save after save.

And then I jinxed it. Saying something to another parent about not making mistakes in the goalie box. A rogue bounce that resulted in a handball. Inside the penalty area. Resulting in a penalty kick. i.e. One on One. Elle blocked the shot, which then rebounded off the goal post and into the goal. 1-0.

Shortly thereafter, we got a breakaway and scored ourselves. Elle made more saves. I lost count. Then there was a very bad decisions to ‘clear’ the ball directly in front of the goal, which allowed the other team to score. A few minutes later, our defense wandered up to midfield while 2 opposing team members dribbled the ball in tandem toward Elle. Another bad deflection landed in the goal. 3-1 at the end of the first half.

She was greatly upset after the second goal. The third one put her over the edge. Elle was devastated. During the half I gave her a pep talk. She is a great goalie. No one else on the team was willing to take the position she was in. But she wasn’t alone. Her defense had to do their job too. And they hadn’t done their job in the first half. She had done her best, and now the rest of the team had to step up.

The second half started with us dominating the play. We had several scoring opportunities that just missed. And then I guess we just pooped out. After several more saves, the defense disappeared again and left Elle all alone. Another 2-on-1 situation resulted in the 4th and final goal.

After the game there was no consoling her. She felt she had let her team down. She took the entire loss onto her shoulders. All of her team mates hugged her, patted her on the back. Other parents hugged her and took the time to tell her how well she played. It was the hardest game all season. On our way home our coach called and gave her more reassurances. He told her there was no one else he would ever want in goal but her.

Second in the league isn’t bad. The girls played their hearts out and gave their best effort. And everyone has to learn to win and lose. Its part of life.

I think this is going to be the last season for our rec team. We’ve played non-stop soccer since the Fall of ’05, with a few short breaks in between. Last summer we started with the club team, which has practice 3 times per week, plus games. Adding in the rec league, we cut one club practice and attended rec practice, plus games. Last night we actually had a conflict with Finals for the rec team and Semi-Finals for the club team. Its getting to be too much for her and us. And after 3rd grade, it’s hard to find a rec team. Most kids decide to either go select or give it up.

Although its the end of one era, we started another, and will continue down that road.

April 16, 2008

Green N’ Spring

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Despite the frequent storms we’ve had, overall its been a lovely spring.

A couple of weeks ago we sodded our back yard. No grass has existed in mass quantity in that back yard in quite some time. (That was a lot of in’s!) Part of it is the big tree, part of it was the dogs, part of it was that the yard is 35 years old. So Nick rented a tiller (which I know he enjoyed…using semi-heavy equipment), tilled up the dirt, we evened it out (mostely), and then ordered 1800 sq ft of Bermuda sod.

Then it rained. And rained some more. And we had a swamp. And then it dried out a little. So we laid some sod. All by ourselves. Nick, me, Zed & Elle. Yes, even Elle helped as much as she could. Zed was the hero though. That boy worked! I was super proud. The four of us laid the sod in about 5 hours. And we crashed.

We’ve been watering it religiously, and the yard is now GREEN! And beautiful! And soft! The grass is knitting together nicely, and we’ve even had to mow it already.

We have also de-leafed our yard (although the high winds and storms have put a lot back), planted some new annuals – pansies, marigolds, vinca, and something else I can’t remember, and my hostas and lillies are coming back in. I think the hostas doubled in size from last year. Sadly, the lillies aren’t coming back even. My bulbs on one side of the bed are doing much better than the other side. I can’t feed the small side enough to counteract the side that has the sewer cleanout though.

Our crown is in, our baseboards are down, trim is painted. A few touch-ups and a good house-cleaning and I’m ready to sign the listing papers. I’m soooo tired of spending money on this house (although it was the sales tax paid on all the building materials that pushed us into the refund category on our taxes – we’re getting $12 back – don’t everyone expect me to pick up the tab at once).

By next Tuesday the Spring soccer season will be over. Elle’s rec team is 7-1. I think we’re about even on wins and losses for our club team. Our rec team will most likely get 2nd place (again – the 1st place team has had 2 goals allowed on them all season long, 1 scored by us). Then, after a couple of weeks break, we’ll jump back into Summer Indoor soccer.

Zed’s new basketball team is 3-0. He’s learning a lot, and is finally being ‘coached’. His last team lost frequently (i.e. won 1 game) and lost big. After his first win on the new team, I asked him how he liked winning. He said ‘It’s better than losing!’. I’m super proud of him, because he’s practicing and playing hard. He wants to make the school team this fall, and is putting the effort forward.

48 days until I lose my baby boy and gain a teenager. Every day my heart breaks a little more…

April 11, 2008

Showering Sweet Raehan

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It’s a baby shower for the eternally radiant Raehan! Along with Leanne, Kimberly, Vicki, Aka Monty, and Angie, we here invite you to drop by Ms. Raehan, admire her beautiful belly, and give her well-wishes on her new bundle of joy.

For those of you that don’t know Raehan, she is my idea of the essence of motherhood. Her two girls, Rachel and Hannah are two angels waiting to welcome their new sibling. They are both intelligent and happy girls. They say the funniest and most profound things for such young girls. And that can only come from a mother that encourages their creativity and playfulness.

In just a matter of weeks, their family of four becomes a family of five. The beaming glow of pregnancy will transition to the beaming glow of new motherhood. And I can think of no one better suited to that honor than Raehan.

So pop over to see her! Now, Go!

And if you would like to contribute to a gift for her sweet Baby #3, please go donate over at Petroville.

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