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December 10, 2008

Still Kickin’ It

I’m sure this place barely has a pulse. And this is probably a lame attempt at CPR. But, nonetheless, here I am. My friend Ben decided to check up on me and pushed me just enough to get me to post. I like it when people care. 🙂

Since we moved, Pop passed away, the kids started new schools, Nick went back to school, and work started kicking my ass, I haven’t been inspired to post much. Many of my thoughts made me sound like a whiney-ass bitch, and though I am, I still don’t want to sound like it.

Elle’s birthday came and went and we had a slumber party with 10+ 9-10 year olds. I realized several things that night. First, Elle has some serious bossiness issues, and I (privately) told her she was acting like a brat at her own party. Second, I wanted to tell about 5 other girls at the parties that I thought they were being bratty, but they were not my kids, so I just reminded them to play nice. Thirdly, I wished I could tell 5 other parents that their preshus babees are brats, but they are soccer parents and we have to play nice. Fourth, I hoped that Elle never acts the way these girls did when I’m not around. Fifth, it will be a long time before I have another slumber party for little girls.

Zed nearly failed algebra (8th grade honors math) last six weeks. This was the first time I’ve ever really had to ride him about his grades. He has taken on a lot more school work this year, with 3 honors classes, and he has been involved in athletics, which takes extra time. But he also lazes around a lot. Mostly he’s been a great teenager though. So far. Knock on wood. He picked it up, and we haven’t had any issues since. I know it will make you all jealous, but the worst problem I have with him is that he leaves his bike in the driveway. I know, I know. He’s too good!

Nick has been having some health issues, and near the end of the summer was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis. Basically my baby is Iron Man. Literally. He retains high levels of iron in his blood, which is extremely toxic, and can cause life-threatening side effects and diseases if not treated. Fortuately his diagnosis was made very early (I can be very persuasive) and tests revealed no damage to organs commonly affected. He has visisted a stream of doctors as a result, and we are still trying to get everything into balance through regular treatment. But he is still plagued by some of the side effects of the disorder, but is actually getting better, though some days it doesn’t seem that way. He has also gone back to school, and is working on finishing his associates before transferring to a four-year program.

And I have been working my tail off. And staying at very nice hotels when traveling. And meeting really cool people while I’m on the road. I’ve been sticking my neck out into some uncomfortable territory, creating a role, and lining myself up to be promoted into it. Which, as brave as I appear to be on the outside, I am really a scared little chicken-shit on the inside. The first time I gave my pitch I finished with a very wet shirt back and waistband. I hate it when I get all nervous and my voice wavers and my hands shake. I can do this dammit!

My birthday has come and gone as well. I’m now in my “mid-thirties” and I think I’m starting to show my age. Seems like the skin on the cheeks isn’t as smooth and shiney as it used to be. And my hands are starting to look old too. I’m moisturizing like a mad woman, trying to get back that baby smooth feel.

So all in all, yes Ben, I’m OK. Just busy living, turning my new house into a home, trying to bring home more bacon, and loving my family more and more every day. I’ll try to do a better job of being around. Things are staring to get interesting again, and I’m feeling pretty good after this post. Mwah!


  1. I’m glad to hear you’re all alive and well! Happy holidays and don’t be so long between posts again! xoxo Me

    Comment by usedtobeme — December 10, 2008 @ 11:27 pm |Reply

  2. Nice to “hear” your voice, Lass! I’ve mostly been MIA too… The thought of that many 10-y/olds makes my heart race! You’re a good Mom… Merry Christmas!

    Comment by Marie — December 11, 2008 @ 7:11 am |Reply

  3. Wow! Hi there.

    I have to hand it to you for taking on the slumber party. I know my parents probably did it for me, and I see you doing it, but for the life of me that many kids under one roof scares me to death. Kudos for doing that, and it sounds like you handled the “brattiness” part very well.

    It sounds like you are kicking ass at work, too, that’s so cool.

    If you look at my blog it’s a mix of “hey look, something shiny” and (imitating Marvin the paranoid android): “I think you should know I’m very depressed” posts. I’m trying to keep it light but keep it real, ya know? I’m sure a lot of times it would be better to say nothing at all.. 🙂

    Great to hear from you.. don’t be away so long next time, please?

    Comment by ben — December 11, 2008 @ 9:22 am |Reply

  4. Yay! I’m glad you are back. You go with your bad self on the job! I love that you are creating a spot and you will be promoted into it. That alone says you deserve it! Make sure the new job requires you to travel to the northeast a lot!

    Comment by carnealian — December 13, 2008 @ 7:38 am |Reply

  5. great post.Never knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.

    Comment by Centrale Vapeur Domena — September 14, 2011 @ 10:22 am |Reply

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